My Heretical Amazon Idea

Amazon, Up in Flames - NYTimes.com:

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I see Amazon as a crucial link in creating an entirely rescaled economy.

The new economy would have mass-produced kiosks that would be placed in cyber-communities of five-to ten-thousand persons. Each of these would be a sort of franchise that would benefit those who worked there. Each would tie into a chance to do online comparison shopping on steroids.

You would place an order and it would be delivered.

In this scenario Amazon would not be a monopolist but a fulfillment operation with the resources and long-term vision to spawn an entirely new shopping infrastructure that would be part of the car-free communities that will replace the sprawl culture of today.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Jessie J to J. S. Bach Another Eclectic Spotify Playlist

Jessie J, Adele, Randy Newman, Eddie Vedder, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris. Ed Sanders, Theodorakis, Norah Jones, Dooley Wilson, Suzanne Vega, Kraftwerk and  a few  more 


Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

How ontological values point toward justice

Online Library of Liberty - Ontological Values - Literature of Liberty, April/June 1978, vol. 1, No. 2:

"Justice, in the judgment of social thinkers from Plato to Harvard's John Rawls and Robert Nozick, has meant fairness and rightness of human actions in a social context. This harmony dissolves, however, when each thinker seeks to coherently explain the traditional formulation of justice: “giving to each his due.” What is each person's due? How should society determine and assure just allocation in economic resources, education, social standing, legal justice?

These fundamental questions lead to the rival options of choosing either the state or the market as the mechanism of achieving social justice. Should the state be the voice of justice, and essay to achieve social welfare, equality, distributive justice, and a fair balance of competing claims and rights through its coercive authority? Or should the market—the network of voluntary interactions among humans—be the mechanism to guarantee a spontaneous order of both distributive and commutative and commutative justice?"

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The four ontological values of Abba's Way - tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry - assume a pragmaticist (Peircean) aspect. Continuity and the actual manifestation of these values is the measure of justice attained in history. The first three values interact as active values and non-idolatry is the matrix within which they work out their conclusions which are admittedly fallible and incomplete. They would have to be if continuity is the context of existence (history).

The emperor's garb falls tattered by the roadside

G.O.P. Race Has Hallmarks of Prolonged Battle - NYTimes.com:

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Hypothesis (Abduction) - We might now guess that Romney's goose is cooked

Indices - Well money for one thing tons of it now and in any Romney future plus media need for certainty and "may the least dangerous candidate win"

Argument - Relaxation is the best policy since this is not about to end soon and clearly the good Lord is having a laugh or two at the whole strip-tease as the emperor's garb falls tattered by the roadside

Values in their highest meaning are specific ontological interactive aspects of being

Idea - Values in their highest meaning are specific ontological interactive aspects of being - tolerance, democracy, helpfulness, non-idolatry

Ethics - As persons discover and act on these values history is made - a continuity based on a sense of justice and common purpose

The Sign's Soul - The sign's soul is the explicit image of the realization of justice in a person - the face of a freedom rider, the universal experience of those who realize ontological values in their own lives and understand the connection between the idea and its manifestation

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Tao sets values within everyone

The Tao sets values within everyone
These values and our beings coalesce
They are more constant than the moon and sun
They are the source of this world's happiness

(Tolerance, Democracy, 
Helpfulness, Non-idolatry)

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Peirce did not think

we are ciphers who will

follow even such a one as he.

He thought we might build on

his notions, as folk for two thousand years

built on Aristotle
to the detriment of ethics
as Aristotle lacked a proper value system.


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Most apposite comment on Santorum victories

Santorum Upsets G.O.P. Race With Three Victories - NYTimes.com:

"Hatred and prejudice is a card that can indeed be played, but it never takes you anywhere in the end. This election has brought out the worst in a Party that has come to represent the last gasp of a people who are reluctant and fearful of a changing America. Among the many things the GOP/Tea Party base don't realize is that America has always represented change. The GOP in 2012 is the opposite of that ideal, and only represent the negative side of our nation.

DENYING evolution (lunacy); DENYING global warming (absurd); DENYING the right of consenting adults to live their life as they see fit; DENYING a middle class the dignity of living a decent life they worked for, and paid for; DENYING a women's rights to have control over their own body; DENYING America the right to live in a secular society; DENYING people the right to affordable heath care. Deny, deny, deny.... that's what the Republicans are all about. They are stuck in the past, and think that a heavier dose of what we've grown up from as a culture is the way to victory in 2012. They are severely mistaken."

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Organized religion will morph into universal spirituality

Santorum Upsets G.O.P. Race With Three Victories - NYTimes.com:

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Sign - Religious hypocrisy accelerates the death of organized religion

Proposition - Faced with extinction organized religion gathers at the barricades whipped on by politicians

Representation - We shall overcome the hypocrisy by understanding it and move beyond conflict by affirming the capacity of individuals to act upon values that no institution of any sort can direct or mandate - tolerance, democracy, helpfulness, non-idolatry

Piracy was a fact of life in the 19th century

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: Not unlike my feeling in Manhattan on September 11 — a glorious morning:

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Chapter Two, Book One, of The Complete History of Adam Panfick finds Adam's great-grandfather enjoying a short vacation on a seraphic beach in Sardinia. His dreamy moment in the sun is rudely interrupted. Piracy was a fact of life in the 19th century.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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