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More on the Matrix That Really Matters

ShortFormContent at Blogger: The Matrix That Really Matters Has Not Been Built Yet:

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Infrastructure cannot be "repaired" if we have no idea of what we want Suppose we want something beyond cars and commuting Beyond detached houses built for size Suppose we want walkable communities with enough population to enable viable local businesses A way to work and be educated at or near home Zoning that integrates everything in a sane and rational way
The miracle of cyberspace means we can choose where and how we live and move and have our being Once the mind is liberated from resignation to our current sprawl culture we can see a cyber-community as a giant step beyond what we now have
We could mass produce lego like components for the construction of modular units of space These could supply the world We could create a giant matrix that would serve 5-10K Accommodating myriad forms built from these components
Enabling technological macro elements that no indivi…

Romney the pitchman speaks as I write

No core yetNothing Obama could not sayNow he veers into the big arrogant government rap He sounds more like Johnny Carson than a Presidential candidate"So with hard work he became the head of a car company"He mentions values without naming anyLabels labelsHe has no speechwriter His applause lines are neither new nor do they advance his caseGosh can we look forward to 800 vetoes - 200 a year?He has not had a thought since he started downhillHe has joined Rick Santorum in the cultural control wingOver and out
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Clarifying My Dinosaur References

In the post immediately prior I suggest that institutional religion and the right wing GOP as we know it are dinosaursCreatures once fat happy and strongBut who are shouting loudly today not because they have huge powerBut because they are seeking attention in a world that is passing them byWhen I hear their plaintive hostile criesI think of a thousand abused kids still smarting from the incursion of institutional religious venalityAnd of the ominously steely face of Mitch McConnell announcing thatThe country can go to hell in a hand basketJust so long as we rid ourselves of that excrescence in the White HouseThese are the utterances of the doomedThey can redeem themselves only by shedding their Genet-like masks And joining humankind as equals in the move towardGlobal democracyAnd  welcoming the end of the history we made so badyBased on their  hoary hypotheses

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Two Dinosaurs Whose Time Has Come

Obama to Offer ‘Accommodation’ on Birth Control Rule, Officials Say - "But administration officials also acknowledged that it would likely not mollify the Catholic bishops who have waged war against the rule or, for that matter, Congressional Republicans and candidates on the presidential campaign trail who have joined the fight. At most, the compromise could potentially help President Obama shore up support among wavering Democrats, who have also expressed doubt about the rule, along with more liberal religious organizations and charities, who oppose the rule but not as vehemently as the Catholic leadership."

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Hypothesis - Both the Catholic Bishops and the House Republicans are dinosaurs on the verge of extinction
Blunt truth - Society remains poised between accepting and going with continuity (reality) and fearfully heeding the cries of fading dinosaurs
Soul of the sign - Make some allowances but go with the forces of tolerance, helpfuln…

She kept her work neatly in portfolios whose contents grew daily.

The Complete History of Adam Panflick: A Short-lived Beauty from Lakewood, Ohio 1904: "Martin, unlike his bachelor brother, aspired to make a good match with a woman who possessed beauty at least equal to that of his esteemed mother. There was a family in the western suburb of Lakewood named Anderson, whose forbears included the first non-Native Americans to inhabit the Western Reserve. The daughter of this family captured Martin’s heart at first sight.

At 22, Calista Anderson was already a woman of great accomplishment and classic beauty. She had completed her formal education at Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary on the Connecticut River in Massachusetts. There she learned the importance of science and the shakiness of religion.She also cultivated a talent for art. She could, with a few strokes, create watercolors of Watteau-like transparency, but simpler. Simplicity was her signature. She kept her work neatly in portfolios whose contents grew daily."

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Slowly …

The floor is falling - poverty and education

Education Gap Grows Between Rich and Poor, Studies Show - "A study by Sabino Kornrich, a researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies at the Juan March Institute in Madrid, and Frank F. Furstenberg, scheduled to appear in the journal Demography this year, found that in 1972, Americans at the upper end of the income spectrum were spending five times as much per child as low-income families. By 2007 that gap had grown to nine to one; spending by upper-income families more than doubled, while spending by low-income families grew by 20 percent."

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The floor is falling and the rich seem to care less
Which means the eight times that they spend to advantage their kids Is not producing much enlightenment But why blame them they have their own problem Prepping kids for gated callous life And cynicism to protect receding sensitivuty As warming further dims the firmament

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Janis Ian, Leadbelly, Kasey Chambers Spotify Playlist

Not Pretty Enough Spotify Playlist
Janis Ian, Leadbelly, Kasey Chambers, The Band, Iyaz, Ray Orbison, Susy Boguss, Waylon, Marianne Faithful, Percy Sledge, Taj Mahal, Suzanne Vega, Don Williams  

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

When Hayek and Keynes Agreed about Socialism

We have a mixed economy  requiring regulation for safety and freedom for entrepreneurial imagination. It is the best of worlds and is only screwed up when people like Gramm and Clinton shake hands over rampant deregulation aka repeal  of Glass-Steagall.
In 1944 Hayek also attacked socialism from a very different angle. From his vantage point in Austria, Hayek had observed Germany very closely in the 1920s and early 1930s. After he moved to Britain, he noticed that many British socialists were advocating some of the same policies for government control of people’s lives that he had seen advocated in Germany in the 1920s. He had also seen that the Nazis really were National Socialists; that is, they were nationalists and socialists. So Hayek wrote The Road to Serfdom to warn his fellow British citizens of the dangers of socialism. His basic argument was that government control of our economic lives amounts to totalitarianism. “Economic control is not merely control of a sector of…

The Matrix That Really Matters Has Not Been Built Yet

The matrix that really matters has not been built yetIt is the skeleton within which we insert our lego-like spaces of the futureIt enables the following salient happeningsThe collection of all waste of all sorts and its transportation to be recycled onsiteThe provision and collection and treatment of all waterThe circulation of all energy to all locales and spacesAnd the collection of all energy generated by all activities in these spacesThe matrix frees all spaces from the necessity of creating these functions seriatum It eliminates the possibility that raccoons will empty your garbage canIt enables the creation of all manner of spaces that compose the cyber-communities that replace our sprawlThe first entrepreneur to build a matrix will be the Henry Ford of the future
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Supply Side Neanderthals - Most Intrusive Government of All

Supply side economics is fraudulentCorporations are the most intrusive institutions there areFollowed closely by the institutions of religionGovernment is largely non-intrusive save whenthe right wing decrees that we will go to warPoverty is the condition that grows apace from the deregulated atmosphere of supply side economicsWhen supply side coalesces with credit card funding of wars we are in a crisis almost beyond solvingWe are now in a situation where the party that created the crisisis dancing on our graveThe solution is to exercise what will we have leftGo to the pollsSign Web thingsAnd otherwise work our posteriors off To deep six the supply side neanderthalsBefore they have a final drool over out corpses 
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes