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No thanks to GOP - Blunt Blunted

Birth control exemption bill, the ‘Blunt amendment,’ killed in Senate - The Washington Post: "By a largely party-line vote, the Senate on Thursday blocked a move to exempt virtually any employer with moral objections from the Obama administration’s controversial birth control health coverage rule.

The measure, an amendment proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) to a highway funding bill, was tabled—and therefore effectively killed—by a vote of 51 to 48."

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There are 48 bloodthirsty, anti-woman GOP Senators who do not deserve to be re-elected. See that they aren't.

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100 countries try to hack us daily

US urges NATO to build 'cyber shield':

"The US government estimates that more than 100 foreign intelligence agencies or governments try to hack into US systems 'on a daily basis,' he said, highlighting the magnitude of the challenge"

And we are heading back to the Cold War notion of a linked defense, this time of our intricate cyber-structure. DOD is on the case.

Cast the first stone, Donald. Oops, you already did

If you are interested in what Donald Trump thinks about the real estate aspects of this story, be my guest. The link is below.

I only care about the headline which strikes me as the pot calling the kettle black.
Donald Trump seems to me the very signature of the dumbing down of our culture and the architectural decline of my home town.

Cast the first stone, Donald. Oops, you already did. That, I guess, is your style.

Donald Trump: The Ground Zero Mosque Developer Is A Low Level Loser

The Engineering Miracle We Need

ShortFormContent at Blogger: The key to smarter construction in the future:

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The engineering miracle we need
Is the creation of a modular unit that can be linked to other such units to create
A universal means of achieving eco-sustainability on site
These modular units would form the base of a matrix to which
The modular elements of living, work and commercial spaces would be attached
These base units would have the capacity to recycle all wastes
To reprocess liquid
To store and conduct energy
They would be underground
They would operate silently as the continually moving heart of cyber-communities

The key to smarter construction in the future

The key to smarter construction in the future is building  a matrix that can hold any number of modular elements
The matrix would be the conductor of water energy and waste for the entire complex of spaces that it holds
Spaces held within the matrix would be made of mass-produced smart surfaces
What we call walls and floors and ceilings and roofs
These surfaces would be thinner than walls but vastly smarter
Soundproof fireproof collapsible and movable with ease
Future communities would combine work play and residence
Be large enough to enable viable businesses to sprout
And with their matrix be largely eco-sufficient
When designers and architects wake to this positive evolution
We will see that with this understanding a thousand flowers can bloom

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Occupy could build new cyber-communities bottom up

Occupy Our Homes Calls for National Week of Bank Protest Actions | AmpedStatus: "In solidarity with families across the U.S. resisting foreclosures and evictions, the Occupy Our Homes movement is announcing that March 13th-16th will be a National Week of Action to protest the criminal foreclosure practices of the nation’s largest banks."

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Smartest thing Occupy could do would be to build new cyber-communities for up to 10K persons within mile-from-end-to-end areas. It can be done. These would be zoned for everything - education, entertainment, residence, work, commerce, etc. They would be car-free. Create the integral designs and start building and it will speak louder than any words that we could write. It would truly revolutionize society.

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Why the Web is a subversive source of influence

Conceptual Barriers to Creating Integrative Universities: "Today’s society looks to universities for solutions to broad-based issues that require cross-disciplinary expertise. Yet, the organizational structure of our institutions remains locked in academic and administrative silos that have little genuine ability to communicate or to recognize the interdependence of knowledge. Why does the capacity to communicate between disciplines and units remain limited? How do formalizations of our experience create barriers? What kind of reflection would it take to subject our mental models of knowledge and learning to critical inquiry? This discussion highlights one of the most entrenched ‘group identity myths’ that underlie the structure of modern academic institutions, the ‘triviality of integration’ thesis."

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Cap Tip Jon

A subversive capacity of the Web is the enabling of individuals to take words from anywhere and make them their own and thereby increase the prospects that burgeoning integral realities will influence seeming separated bailiwicks with some speed.

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There is no authentic conservatism on the other side

Romney Debases the G.O.P. Base - NYTimes.com:

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A woman was on the tube talking about why she voted for Santorum
It was not because she wanted to build from the bottom up
It was because he would take care of "us"
Take care means vindicate
In a more sinister vein it means that in the rubble Santorum and his remnant will somehow remain vindicated

It is Obama who is the actual responsibility candidate
He is not out to take care of anyone
Merely to see that as things are distributed that distribution is fair

Isn't it strange
Santorum is not about rebuilding
He is about vindication

Romney is not about vindication
But he does not have any sense of real fairness

Obama wins our votes
Because finally there is no authentic conservatism on the other side

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This goes to my Rogue's Gallery

Today's the day to find another way

Setting sun and damage done
Awareness of  life yet unlived
Today's the day to find another way

 From Spotify:   A little music 

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

And now we must prevail from scratch

Tensions Raise Specter of Gas at $5 a Gallon - NYTimes.com: "Gasoline for $5 a gallon? The possibility is hardly far-fetched."

The specter is of endless rising cost
Suddenly our ways are obsolete
And now we must prevail from scratch

Lady Gaga is a sign of hope

Born to Not Get Bullied - NYTimes.com: "When she was in high school, Lady Gaga says, she was thrown into a trash can."

Lady Gaga is a sign of hope
Confronting the world's blunt tawdriness
Knowing only individuals can be hope's seed

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