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Syria's Genocidal Massacre A Shameless Crime

We are witnessing the best argument ever for global democratic revolutionThe people of Syria will forever be a monument to resilienceYes count it resilienceFor this is not passive It is active nay-saying to the criminal regime of AssadThat it is genocidalThat Syria slaughters her ownIs a byproductOf unrestrained brutality toward democratic protestWe must oppose as we did in LibyaWe must regard China and Russia as complicit in genocideWe must raise a voice as loud through all our networksAs we have done to win recent victories On various frontsWe cannot assume that this will be resolved without our voicesRaised with passion and resolve
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Limbaugh Loses An Advertiser Boehner Silent


And this may be just the first. There is no way he cannot go the way of Glenn Beck. To the nether world of wingnuts. His words have dwarfed anything that has meant worse for broadcasters.
ShortFormContent at Blogger: Dear Rush. Here is My Other Cheek. Go Ahead:

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And no GOP leader one including John Boehner will speak a mumbling word.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

David Brooks Misses the Boat on Will and Values

The Machiavellian Temptation - "These days that model is out of fashion. You usually can’t change your behavior by simply resolving to do something. If that were true, New Year’s resolutions would actually work. Knowing what to do is not the same as being able to do it. If that were true, people would find it easier to lose weight."

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First, it is hardly true that the 19th Century was as described. We just have better stats.
Second, our will remains a constant but it makes all the difference what it is directed toward.
Brooks rarely deals with the problem of will and values. He is not alone. Neither did Aristotle and most of his successors.

The fact is that there are ontological values that no one (excepting Jesus and some of his followers) identifies as such - they are non-idolatry, helpfulness, tolerance and democracy in the sense of universal rights - same for all. These can be willed and are by a few from century to century..
The fact is…

Rising Market Cautious President

Rising Market Debunks Republican Myth (Again) | National Memo | Breaking News, Smart Politics: "What the president might consider explaining is that the latest market surge (and its rise over recent months) are unsurprising to anyone familiar with America’s financial history. The rule that stretches back over the past century is clear: Stocks rise under Democrats and decline under Republicans. And that simple statistic is matched by a broad set of economic data that follow the same partisan vector. Republicans have often succeeded in persuading voters that their party is “good for the economy” – a persistent myth that the president ought to debunk."

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Still, he has alluded to the market rise.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

We Can't Train Even When There is Crying Demand for Workers

State Cutbacks Curb Training in Jobs Critical to Economy -
"Technical, engineering and health care expertise are among the few skills in huge demand even in today’s lackluster job market. They are also, unfortunately, some of the most expensive subjects to teach. As a result, state colleges in Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Florida and Texas have eliminated entire engineering and computer science departments"

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And presumably they are maintaining departments for jobs that do not exist. If this cannot be corrected locally, then it is the institutions themselves that are non compos mentis.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Money Saturated Art World Says It All

The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia: "The 2012 Biennial manages to reinvent the Whitney’s signature show and to offer some redemption for the out-of-control, money-saturated art world."

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Both charity and art have been subsumed in worlds That remove both from general use
To redeem art we would need to revalue it Strip it of ugly pretension Greedy ways And ostentatious modes
It is revalued by sight alone
Seer as art
To redeem charity we would need to revalue it Along with love which is its synonym To make it help in truth Not be hypocrisy
It is revalued by simple acts
 Expecting no return
And needing none

We make worlds
Not Abba
Abba penetrates all worlds and lives in us
Waiting for us to wake up

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes