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Another bad night for Mitt Romney

When Newt and Mitt are almost tied for second in TennesseeWhen he performs dismally in Gingrich's GeorgiaWhen the Tennessee scenario is repeated in OklahomaAnd when all signs point to a loss in Ohio (UPDATE)Tonight is not Mitt's night
He has only the ragtag GOP remnant establishment  and money and lackluster non-wingnut Republicans going for himAs predicted Santorum will be puffed up as the full equal of Romney nowBut this was not that great a night for Santorum eitherHe is the unelectable Republican who can beat RomneyThat is a sorry distinction
The one who did best from where he was was Gingrich - he did better than predictedIf Newt wins throughout the deep SouthAnd if the GOP understands that they will lose in Novemberthey just might go for an articulate and entertaining guyselling cheaper gas 
It is a way of saying someone better than this year's crop must appear before 2016

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

A poem for when we hit a wall

When Nothing Can Suffice - Poem - Yahoo! Voices -
"There comes a time
When nothing can suffice
When words are like a glass
That breaks and cracks
When portents seem so real
And speech so vain
That all events seem
Beyond all control
Such times as this
Are guidance times for sure
When with or without faith
You turn within
Find Abba there
In silence
Make contact with
What has always been
And always will be
And in this finding
Begin again
Where you have
Always been"

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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Become the one who creates and esteems

Abba's Way: 45 On Gift Giving:
Become the one who creates and esteems, The loving benefactor of all things. The one who passes on the gift within. Let your heart be a river broad and full. And when you are beyond all praise and blame, You’ll find yourself commanding everything. Yes, you will be past seeking the crowd’s praise. Comfort will not end up your fondest wish. Your mind will waken to all those who seek. Let your own will reflect this single mind, And learn to live beyond a sense of need. For then your virtue will become your friend, And be the gift you share with all who see. With your good hand and eye, a giver be, Free spirit unattached, open to all. Without a need for praise or sense of blame, Then you are free to give just as you wish.
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Gingrich and Romney Play House

Gillette's Exorbitant Pricing Call Them Out

I am tired of paying exorbitant prices for Gillette products, particularly on their Mach 3 Turbo refill blades which can literally cost up to $4 a blade. This is serving who? The shareholder?> Is the shareholder the one who now is always right. When I have found a cheaper and better way to shave I will surely indicate it here.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

True virtues are alike: they overcome.

Abba's Way: 45 On Gift Giving:
True virtues are alike: they overcome. Your body’s friend, the spirit, creates gifts. It is in giving that you overcome. So listen to your spirit, hear its speech. And let it lead you to your own virtue. And when your body is aligned with it, Your spirit will delight and nurture you.
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Gift giving is the height of all virtue.

Abba's Way: 45 On Gift Giving:
Gift giving is the height of all virtue. Be not afraid to make gifts of yourselves. Always pass on the riches of your soul. Tell me what’s bad, what is the worst of all? It is the soul that’s closed to giving gifts. It is the sense of, Everything for me!"
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Saying yes and no to death

Abba's Way:
Say yes to what in life lives beyond time. Yes to work that brings visions alive, Yes to play that plumbs the joys inside; And yes to holy creativity, That moves us past death’s shadows toward the light. Yes to dying when the right time comes; A death that says its yes to all that lives. But no to deaths from battle and disease, And no to this world’s criminal decrees!
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

I live again now. Once I died too young.

Abba's Way:
I live again now. Once I died too young. The hated victim of the good and just. I knew the way of love and laughter too, And came to show the way to overcome.
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Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

How immature the world’s hatred of life

Abba's Way:
How immature the world’s hatred of life, How self-denying worship of grim death. Let us be be free to die and free in death, Yet say a holy Yes to life till life is past.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Does the GOP have ANY argument with Obama

Republican Policies for Iran Differ Little From Obama’s -

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It's like the Wizard of Oz played by an alcoholic John Boehner. There is nothing there.
The result may be the election when more money was spent to produce the lowest GOP turnout ever.
And the reason is that President Obama has, not by deft political maneuver but by natural inclination, taken the center position and gotten the GOP to designate him a flaming radical, a wimpo, and so forth. It won't work and I think the GOP is beginning to understand the depth of its denouement.
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Santorum was pilloried for deeds not theories

Rick Santorum Isn't Crazy -

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Deed One - The threat to act against the legality of contraception.
Deed Two - The threat to the general opinion that John Kennedy was correct in his view of separation o chuch and state.
Both of these seemed signs that Santorum would prove highly divisive if taken seriously. Contrast this with attitudes toward Newt who has been just as radical. The difference is that no one thinks Newt inflexible when push comes to shove. Santorum on the other hand is taken literally, and with reason.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Me versus Nate - Super Tuesday Prognostications

A Guide to Super Tuesday Scenarios - "It assumes a narrow Romney win in Ohio and a narrow loss in Tennessee... "

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I will venture a Romney loss in Ohio, a wider loss than anticipated in Tennessee and the thought that Gingrich will do better than anyone expected in some of the states beyond Georgia. The result of ST will not help Romney. Nor Santorum. And the MSM will ignore Gingrich just as it has done while he was creeping up in Tennessee and Ohio. The irony is that if I am wrong, the race will still be a muddy race to the bottom.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Why all these social theories are wrong

The Rediscovery of Character -

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Simplistic social theories build on things as they are I build mine on things as they are not A world not just skews things big time A world not fair becomes warlike A world not well designed becomes dysfunctional The notion you can adjust this society and achieve more than illusory change is specious For example policies to reduce crime Come come we have merely increased protection And amplified our prison population A society that tackles the root problems will change the fundamentals of design, economics, community and values It will build on tolerance democracy helpfulness and non-idolatry
It will build models of integral community where all the elements of a city are within a mile walk of everyone
It will build at densities which make the rise of local economies natural
It will accept the notion that a thoughtful human being need have no "discipline" to contribute to the conversation
It will take every s…

Confronting The Plethora of Nuke Targets in Iran

Iran, Israel and the United States -

"This would not be a “surgical” strike like the Israeli attack in 1981 that destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor, or the 2007 Israeli strike on an unfinished reactor in Syria. Iran has multiple facilities, and the crucial ones are buried or “hardened.” Pentagon analysts estimate that even a sustained Israeli air campaign would set back the program by only a few years, drive it further underground and possibly unleash a wider war."

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You cannot chop a tree down when each strike merely adds to the problem without resolving it Iran is like the mythical tree The only solution is to find an effective antidote that would cause those in control to dismantle all the protected and hidden elements of nuke threat Sanctions do not achieve this though they do indicate resolve To narrow this down select the words those in control in the previous sentence These folk are not capable of being in more than one place at once T…