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Sean Hannity is Campaigning for Barack Obama Again

Back in my HuffPo days I had a "hit" with my article about Sean Hannity winning the election for Barack ObamaThe same thing is happening againI am not saying the President cannot win on his ownBut Hannity is making that win certainIt is called biased and irrelevant overreachHe did it with Rev. WrightAnd triggered the Philadelphia speech that won the 2008 primaryHe is doing it with the silly effortto link the President to a respected Harvard professor who championed diversityThis is a taste of what FOX will doAnd it will only help our centrist President win in NovemberI am for the President but I could probably defeat himIf I was calling the tune for the GOPI would be a better centristFree Bradley ManningKill the Patriot ActEnd the War on DrugsBuild car free cyber cities
That is a truly centrist program

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Chris Matthews Wants Newt Out in His Dreams

Chris Matthews has three personaThe third one is the spoiled brat who has to have things his wayIn this mode he is rude and absurdNewt still has a chanceChris cannot get around thatWhich is why he does not even consider itHe is not being toughHe is being spoiled childish

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Krugman is the most almost-right writer in the universe

Krugman because is almost right all the time. He is right in blaming the GOP for its criminal performance.

But he is very wrong on most economic questions for a very simple reason.

We have committed ourselves to a social matrix that is inherently unable to survive in its present form. There can be no recovery of education, of housing, of transportation. Each of these is part of the problem, not an answer.  All of these enterprises are predicated on the "self-evident" of continuing automobile use, continued need for stand-alone houses and continued capacity to afford and benefit from the educational system that we have.

The solution lies in a transition to concentrations of population that can generate bottom-up economies, a recalibration of enterprise so it can serve car-free cyber-communities of up to 10K persons each. These communities would be zoned for everything and essentially emulate cities of the past that were self-enclosed. All current institutions would be resized…

Nostalgia cannot resurrect the past

Nostalgia cannot resurrect the pastBut it can create present fantasiesWhich can become the signs of something newAnd give new meaning to old memories

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Faulty reasoning in the NYT regarding our elite colleges

Colleges and Elitism - "Our oldest and most prestigious colleges are losing touch with the spirit in which they were founded. To the stringent Protestants who founded Harvard, Yale and Princeton, the mark of salvation was not high self-esteem but humbling awareness of one’s lowliness in the eyes of God. With such awareness came the recognition that those whom God favors are granted grace not for any worthiness of their own, but by God’s unmerited mercy — as a gift to be converted into working and living on behalf of others. That lesson should always be part of the curriculum."

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This entire piece is predicated on the false sense that the Ivy League was once steeped in Protestant rectitude. Whatever veneer the Protestant ethos had, it was easily trumped by the dominant commercial ethos and the drive toward social and cultural power, elements that are still ascendant today. Indeed the amazing grace to which the writer refers might be seen as a…

Why rich celebrity support is not hypocritical

Elizabeth Warren’s Star Support Criticized - "The black-and-white video, called “The Elitist,” labels Ms. Warren the “biggest hypocrite in a political campaign” for raising money from wealthy celebrities while supporting populist causes. Ms. Warren, a Harvard law professor, built a national reputation in recent years as a dogged consumer advocate, testifying before Congress on economic issues and setting up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau."

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I was brought up among celebrities who supported liberal causes. The notion that such support is hypocritical is specious. When you have wealth you can do one of two things. Reject it or use it as you wish. One of my childhood adult buddies won an Academy Award. She also  fought the McCarthy virus. Her brother was a prominent liberal journalist who likewise fought McCarthy.Were they alive today, they would be supporting Elizabeth Warren. Was William Buckley a hypocrite for using his wealth …