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How I Would Up The President's Approval Rating

Obama Approval Rating Down in New York Times/CBS Poll - "At a time of rising gas prices, heightened talk of war with Iran and setbacks in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama’s approval rating dropped substantially in recent weeks, the poll found, with 41 percent of respondents expressing approval of the job he is doing and 47 percent saying they disapprove — a dangerous position for any incumbent seeking re-election."

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Nobody says this will be easy. But here is what I'd suggest:

Float Hillary as a possible VP and if it flies promise Biden the first Supreme Court vacancy.

Get out of Afghanistan ASAP

Start organizing among prominent Republicans who are convinced the GOP nominees are poison to the economy.

Appoint Colin Powell to an important Middle East post

Hit those oil reserves with a pledge to double the effort to get off the sauce.

Dominate the news with daily implementation of good ideas within your power

Consider lightening up on Bradley Manning

Nothing like a little pink slime in your kids' school lunches

If the following received in an email is true, it is not too swift of anyone to distribute it to anyone

Pink slime is gross. It's connective tissues of cow and other beef trimmings, heavily treated with ammonia to kill pathogens like salmonella and E coli.

Experts say it's "a high risk product" that lacks nutritional benefit. Even fast food giants like McDonald's and Taco Bell dropped it years ago.

But the USDA is about to buy 7 million tons of pink slime to put in school lunches.

Bettina Siegel, a lawyer and mother to two school-aged kids, started a petition to get the USDA to cancel its order ASAP, and it's gaining national attention.

If tens of thousands of people sign, the media and lawmakers will take notice and pressure the USDA to cancel the order
Click here to sign Bettina's petition asking the USDA to keep pink slime out of school lunches.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

A Real Change Agenda

End the war on drugsGlobal nuclear disarmamentGlobal reduction of military budgets by halfPriority on education in every state budgetOpen immigrationUniversal identificationMake human settlements car freeFree political prisonersDismantle all nuke plantsCease reliance on fossil fuelsInstitute a global gild system and open employmentRequire legal circulation of all moneyAllow local communities to establish themselves as crime and weapon free

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

President Obama Should Tell The Vendetta Machine to Cool It

People For the American Way: Tell Judge Cebull to Resign:

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I am tired of seeing allegedly progressive groups going after Limbaugh and others. We are involved in a tough war now. This kind of chump change solicitation deflects us from a real change agenda and enables the other side to say we are just their flip side. We probably are. But there is no reason we cannot reform and abide by values of tolerance, helpfulness and democracy. There are enough conservatives who despise the antics of the wingnuts. This is no way to help the cause.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Peirce and Nietzsche Precursors of the Future

As far as I know Peirce and Nietzsche did now know each otherThey lived the same timeThe achievements of both went unrecognized until they became posthumous authorsEach of them broke the very same ground from different perspectivesNietszche was a philologist and the greatest writer of a nation he excoriatedPeirce was a multi-disciplinary intellectual renegade rejected by his peersBoth wandered in substantial solitude Neitzsche a mite saintly Peirce a mite sinful What did they achieveThe marriage of the metaphysical and the scientific
Both vindicated a metaphysical (transcendent) philosophy Within the immanent frame of scienceBoth men arrived at the same conclusion Both failed to take the next step
In Pierce's case the next step would have been a vastly more forceful presentation of ethicsthan is implicit in his scattered writingsIn Nietszche's case it would have meant winning back the decade he lost to madnessand completing the revaluation of values he began with The Antichrist

Fatuous Theorizing - Things Do Get Done and Our System is OK

George Edwards and the Powerless Presidential Bully Pulpit : The New Yorker:

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Above you can read why our system is broken but when all is said and done our system actually does work because it runs on freedom.

Not perfect freedom. And in many cases not actual freedom. But on the freedom which is indeed the most powerful of all, the capacity to choose the values which guide us. There are only four ontological values - that is to say values which, by your choice of them, puts you in the ranks of those who move history forward, values I attribute to the Jesus who emerges most saliently in the Gospel of Mark.

When you choose non-idolatry, helpfulness, tolerance and democracy, you are part of the solution, even if you are ranged on opposite sides of an issue. When you choose the lesser values of self-aggrandizement and hoarding, you become part of the problem. When you kill remotely or actually you are the problem.

Our government is a huge apparatus of doing that is …

I called a values summit and nobody came

I called a values summit and nobody cameI wanted to propose values that Jesus heldLike tolerance democracy and helpfulnessI thought it might be time to call again

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Much of what I want to watch is not available on Netflix Instant View

Burn After Reading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

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Getting DVDs by mail is like trying to drink at a nonexistent oasis - too much hassle.

Nevertheless I want to see this flick. Why can it not be included among those I can watch online? I think it is because someone believes that life is improved by encouraging people who explicitly did NOT want DVD delivery to regret their decision and curse Netflix for being petty and idiotic.

That must be it.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Philanthropy and capitalism are joined at the hip

Philanthropy and capitalism Are joined at the hip Profit and largesse are what they're doing Except when they slip We keep wondering if some other system Might be less unjust But since the failure of Communism In profit we trust

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Snapping in Afghanistan

Snapping in Afghanistan is nothing I mean nothing new
Those born there can be dead and gone before their lives are through       Violence and  fundamentalism they're a mortal brew Sometimes it seems that all the world will snap before we're through

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes