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Mitt might just get to hear the Fat Lady sing

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As the numbers Mitt needs narrow to a certainty
There will be seismic rumbles in the GOP
And if meanwhile Mitt should keep stumbling
He just might get to hear the Fat Lady sing

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Give the GOP clear sailing and it will gladly privatize Medicare

Remember this?

House Republicans back away on Medicare overhaul | Reuters: "House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp said his panel will not advance a Republican proposal to privatize Medicare for future retirees because it stands no chance of getting passed by the Democratic-led Senate. But Camp said the powerful tax-writing committee will act on any compromise reached on a deficit reduction plan."

The GOP has said nothing since to indicate that it is running away from the suicidal vote it took to privatize Medicare.

All it did was admit what was obvious from the start. It would never get passed by the Senate. Give the GOP clear sailing and it will gladly privatize Medicare. Which is why we need to increase the Democratic majority in the Senate and regain it in the House.

The Alito-enabled Super PACs will be out to lie their way to a victory in November. Only the symphony of voices the Web can create can stop them.

Stop Global Anti-Gay Bullying

Antigay Hate Crimes Are Rising, Says U.N. High Commissioner | Human Rights First: ""Homophobia and transphobia are no different to sexism, misogyny, racism, or xenophobia," says U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay in a video on violence and discrimination targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons."

Abba's way is the human rights way. Tolerance, democracy and helpfulness are its active core values and Abba's way brooks no idolatry, including the idolatry of power and force and bullying. We will the values that make us act. They are more than the product of reason.

In our time as, we move toward more openness, there is more bullying and abuse. Our task is to stand with those who are attacked and resist, protest, protect and legislate.

China Russia Syria Human Rights Scofflaws

Let's call a scofflaw a scofflaw Voices to the rafters raised We can do it  Will do it  Must do it For what else was this Web made
China and Russia and Syria Unholy allies in war crimes Spit in the face  Of a shocked global family Committed to freedom  And to decency China and Russia and Syria Daily pursuing their crimes
The UN may be a frail vehicle But till something better is made We need to heed the signals it sends And stand up strong unafraid
Russia and Syria and China  Joined at the hip deep in crime Deserve to be called out in triplicate Until all three change their minds

Can Ryan lose it for the GOP?

The Careless House Budget -
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Can Ryan lose it for the GOP His latest budget would kill medicare And make taxes even more unfair A single-handed loser recipe 
When last we met Paul Ryan, he was proposing a plan which would net him millions because of property he owns and drilling rights. His latest effort simply ups the ante on the contest to destroy the country. Can his plan do it quicker that George W. Bush did? The answer is yes if enacted. Romney has bought it hook line and sinker. But we are learning to exempt Romney from truth tests. We did that with Reagan, remember? The difference is Romney is vastly weaker and less anchored than Reagan was. He will be the tool of the Right, the emptiest suit ever to tread the Oval Office. All the more reason to have done with both Ryan and Romney..

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Welcome to the Alito election

Republican Presidential Candidates Run Low on Money -
‘Super PACs’ Supply Millions as G.O.P. Race Drains Field
Welcome to the Alito election Alito servant of our one percent Who said No to our truthful President Providing billionaires complete protection

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Forget Warming Prepare for The Flood

Forget warming prepare for the floodForget science watch earth turn to mudForget truth as coastal houses rotSodden as predicted on the dot
Framing the warming debate has stumbled because the science though accurate is not a lockWhat is a lock is the effects of whatever we want to call itWhy have I been advocating construction of cyber-communities from scratchBecause they minimize the effects of flood cyclone and quakeIn addition to creating something like face to faceA car free environment with all urban amenities within walking distance 

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes