Mildred Purse Tells the Koch Brothers Their Fortune

Mildred Purse is the doyenne of Beacon Hill, a staunch Republican supporter of President Obama. She describes him as the best option a Republican could wish for. She considers the current Republican Party certifiable. Her prognostications are below.

You are preparing a three or four million dollar advertisement blaming President Obama for the high price of gas. President Obama wants to cut the Federal breast mlik you have been sucking from the teats of Lady Liberty forever to further magnify your already immense oil and gas profits. So this is a most sensible act on your part. Buy an ad that we the people are paying for to unseat the dastardly President. There is only one problem. Dear Mr. Obama is going to win the election and the Congress is going to be inclined to support all those cuts on your breast milk. In other words, this could be a big loss for you boys. I'm sure you can absorb it with your Brawny and all that. Since you are accustomed to buying your way out of such situations, you may want to consider how the President will feel about you if you try to Swift Boat him on gas prices. I'll be watching for your ad. 

 Everything You Need  to Know to Boycott Koch Products

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

From urban/rural to ecumenopolis

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In most of the world urban/rural means density and surrounding sprawl  (megalopolis, strip city) and a very scattered and sparsely populated rural area.

Much of the economic trouble of the world and no small part of its social problems can be accounted for by this pattern. The large city and surrounding sprawl concentrates people toward its center and spreads distribution for miles and miles of sprawl. This subjects people to the difficulties and growing cost of commuting and to what might be called the infrastructure of congestion. Such an environment tends to become uniform worldwide, bearing the marks of its corporate origin. Virtually everything necessary for such a city-sprawl environment comes from the largest global corporations which have thousands of subsidiaries. The Koch Brothers portfolio of companies is instructive. It is a picture of the world we now have. Needless to say, though most of the population is in these strip city or megalopolis areas. the rural areas have far less than the population needed to create a viable local economy.

The solution to the dislocation and expense of this pattern is the development of what C.A. Doxiadis called Ecumenopolis.I knew Doxiadis briefly in the 1960s and his early death and political troubles in Greece vitiated his potential influence. Today we face a sort of global sclerosis because of our commitment to the pattern described. Meanwhile we have advanced to the point that ecumenopolis can be updated to consist of what I call cyber-communities. Roughly 10,000 persons living in car free space with all the amenities of a city within walking distance. Once these are normative, clusters of cyber-communities would naturally exist and enable diversity and easy access between communities. I believe the move toward  this updated ecumenopolis has already begun. I also see it as inevitable.  

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From Barack to me. Image. The text is mine.

Received from the White House

I would call this a form of populism. Or Teddy Roosevelt progressive. Figures mean nothing  to me any more. I think of substitutes for the banks and sense that the way to wealth in America may always have been the capacity to borrow large sums and plow them into things the government will subsidize. If you win you get to be a philanthropist and get your picture in the Style Section. There must be a better way.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Obama builds his house upon a rock free verse from #shortformcontent

Obama builds his house upon a rock
While GOP sorts pay millions for attack
The people is the rock he builds upon
Organizing votes from shore to shore
While all the GOP does is to bore

Obama spends more than the GOP
Contributed by ordinary folk 
All the GOP has done is spent almost as much
In order not to have a candidate

When you add up attacks
And outright lies
And the commitment to be uncooperative
At any price 
You get a large zero in the asset column of the GOP
As Obama quietly builds his nice November surprise 
And the media ignore this nice fait accompli

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

What of November if health care is zapped

What of November if health care is zapped
How about if we the people snapped
And zapped the servants of the one percent
Who put in place the ones who passed judgment

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Forget Recusal Thomas Should Resign

It's time for Clarence Thomas to resign
His prejudice amounts to a large sign
That says I'm married to a lobbyist
Who whispers judgments I cannot resist

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Is the Supreme Court Poised to Kill Reform

We've seen our Congress close to full decay
Is the Supreme Court headed the same way
The signs say yes bad politics holds sway
And if bad justice follows we'll all pay

Never Assume That You Are Smarter Than Your Readers

When things come down to our intelligence
I've found this simple maxim makes good sense
Always talk up instead of talking down
And realize you're not the smartest one around

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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