Mildred Purse Says the Koch Brothers Are Imposters

Big Oil launches a misleading ad campaign about the President’s energy record — AttackWatch:

The doyenne of Beacon Hill read the post above and let fly at the Koch Brothers who are the Swift Boat champions of 2012 in terms of their apparent willingness to spend millions to get rid of President Obama. She minces no words.

Those Koch boys want to drench the world in noxious crude oil and the President wants to move away from it. Good on you, Mr. President, I say. They hate the fact that the President is working with the car industry to reduce the amount of fuel we need. They are spending millions to defeat our noble leader. They are impostors. They say they are for prosperity. They are for poverty. That is because most of the money they make comes from the the poor. They also claim to be patriots as they destroy us. These are two slippery dudes. Don't try to find them. They are in hiding.

 Everything You Need  to Know to Boycott Koch Products

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

New Cover for The Manhattan Bully Wars

Starting to get some covers for my Kindle Books. This is a novella that I kind of like. It is based on some real experiences but is highly fictionalized at points. Click the cover to check it out.  

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Charles Sanders Peirce and Evolutionary Love

We go through life bypassing minds that have unlocked 
Things that we come to by some other way 
So late in my life I was moved to find 
Exactly my take on the way of agape


Charles Sanders Peirce (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy): "An especially intriguing and curious twist in Peirce's evolutionism is that in Peirce's view evolution involves what he calls its "agapeism." Peirce speaks of evolutionary love. According to Peirce, the most fundamental engine of the evolutionary process is not struggle, strife, greed, or competition. Rather it is nurturing love, in which an entity is prepared to sacrifice its own perfection for the sake of the wellbeing of its neighbor."

Charles Sanders Peirce (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy): "This doctrine had a social significance for Peirce, who apparently had the intention of arguing against the morally repugnant but extremely popular socio-economic Darwinism of the late nineteenth century. The doctrine also had for Peirce a cosmic significance, which Peirce associated with the doctrine of the Gospel of John and with the mystical ideas of Swedenborg and Henry James."

The GOP Attack on Women Knows No Bounds

First it was contraception
Then it was Planned Parenthood
Now it is violence
The GOP is stoking up its biggest defeat ever
Not merely because it has no acceptable candidate
Not merely because it has lied
Not merely because it serves the one percent
But principally because
it has
said to all American women
You will be less safe in your homes
You will be in danger of the repeal of Rowe v Wade
You will be routinely shunted back to the sujection
of the past
To change this prospect 
the GOP would need to get rid of its current leadership
and begin with 
Ending its continuing and boundless attack on women

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Some Perspective on Numbers and Traffic

Numbers as in hits on a page
Say hits right here
I raise this to plumb perspective
In a world where trillion is past our
capacity to grasp
When someone boasts of
6000 hits
When someone sells a million this or that
I am for deflation of elation
All numbers are mere petals
floating on an endless sea
So I am always happy with just one
If fact it always is just one
And it is not a lonely number at all
Think about it 

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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