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Beware of Romney Unrestrained Period (Romney + GOP = RISK)

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Mitt Romney At NRA: Beware Of Obama 'Unrestrained By The Demands Of Re-Election':
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Romney unrestrained will put you and yours at risk Romney unrestricted will  serve his fat cat donors  Romney unrestrained will be decisive and brisk As he distracts us with banality and boners
Iambic Friday the Thirteenthameter

Is the economy a faucet?

An Overdose of Pain for Spain -
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Is the economy a faucet I ask this because it Seems that we can grow them Or destroy them  Just by what we do That seams so easy It makes one queasy Almost as if Rather than stiff  Us with impossibilities Abba was saying  Hey Just live up  To your responsibilities

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes