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Mildred Purse Congratulates Forbes for Calling Paul Ryan A Liar

Ryan Now Rejects Ayn Rand-Will The Real Paul Ryan Please Come Forward? - Forbes:
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Little Paulie got caught red handed. He deserves the stocks. Stand him in the corner. Give him kleenex if he sniffles. I do not understand how a man of reputed intelligence can believe that reversing himself on this matter can do anything but discredit him and his party. But then again I knew that his budget would make him a rich man. And that lying is not exactly a new thing with him. So I will content myself with curation. You see, this link is not from some radical site. It is Forbes. Could a star fall from the sky within the time it takes to read a Forbes headline?

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Cyberfication of America

Obama Fails to Stem Middle-Class Slide He Blamed on Bush - Bloomberg:

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The cyberfication of America began when our society could no longer exist in its present form. By present form I mean the dispersed, sprawl form which forced mounting expenses for most residents of the US. Cyberfication can be seen as offering a cheap alternative to a life no longer affordable or rewarding.

Cyberfication offers for the 1960s price of a VW Bug a computer that is presented with all the bells and whistles (and language of speed) that was once applied to cars. Meanwhile, the cost of buying a car jumps ten times.

The reason for the recession beyond the last gasp of yuppie entitlement (to rape us all with impunity) was that the tectonic plates that once gave illusory stability to our affluence shifted a bit to reveal a serious fault lines in  perception. As we happily adjusted to the new thing, computers, we failed to notice creeping unaffordability. The blame for this cannot be la…