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What is wrong with the "consistent life ethic"

Consistent life ethic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

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1. No ethic is more than an effort to analyze issues of a particular decision or act after the fact.

2. Ontological values capable of being willed are the basis of  all moral actions.

2. There is no such thing as a consistent life ethic or any other sort of ethic. Such designations are abstract.

3. The values of Abba's way are tolerance, democracy and helpfulness. These reside in a framework in which the dominant underlying value is non-idolatry - the first commandment.

4. Non-idolatry precludes capital punishment because it is an obvious conscious decision to take a life. In Abba's way the conscious taking of life under all circumstances is forbidden.

5. Euthanasia or suicide, when it represents a person's own decision and choice, may in fact be admirable. It is certainly something that should not be made subject to punitive law.

6. Abortion is the most difficult of these acts to decide but …

Financialization is ripping us off (Oink oink oink they're filling the trough)

How Wall Street Drives Up Gas Prices -- Ripping Us Off and Killing Jobs | Digg Business:
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Financialization is ripping us off It's Wall Street's latest big bump Oink oink oink they're filling the trough While we pay the price at the pump
Financialization = "the ability to bet on the prices of goods  produced in the real economy without actually owning those goods."

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes