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Showing posts from May 12, 2012

Pondering the imponderable

This morning I was blocked by
someone who thinks
President Obama bodes catastrophe'
I see two areas only
where this could be true
1. If the unintended consequence
of our move toward drones and Seals
spawns retaliation that escalates
to catastrophe
2. If the penchant for secrecy and security
is so paranoid that tormenting folk
like Bradley Manning is deemed patriotic
In both of these areas I am reasonably confident
that the GOP would offer little or no
positive alternatives
In the case of drones-SEALS
I see this as a necessary and positive
move past ground wars
but as highly risky in prospect
We must act in a way that renders
any attack on us unjust
That is a hard needle's eye to thread
In the case of paranoia and Bradley Manning
the President could evolve and allay things
with the stroke of a pen
I am pondering two imponderables
First are the catastrophes I mention
The answer is yes.
Second should this mute my support
for the President
My answer is no
But I would also…