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Seven Point Romney Risk Alert - Vote Obama 2012

EconomyRISK: Romney will favor the rich SECURITY: Obama will work for allWomenRISK: Romney will oppose choice SECURITY: Obama will support itHealthRISK: Romney will kill health reform SECURITY: Obama will defend itWarsRISK: Continued wars under Romney SECURITY: Obama will end wars MedicareRISK: Romney will end medicare SECURITY: Obama will preserve itSupreme CourtRISK: Romney will Bork the Court SECURITY: Obama will balance itEducationRISK: Romney will shrink support SECURITY: Obama will expand it
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How North Carolina Mucked Everything Up

Becky Garrison: On May 8, 2012, with 2,136,277 votes cast, 61% of voters in North Carolina voted in favor of an amendment that makes “marriage between one man and one woman… the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.” While North Carolina already has a law prohibiting same-sex marriage, Republicans deemed this vote necessary to ensure that the law could not be struck down by “activist” judges.

With this amendment’s passage, North Carolina becomes the 31st state to pass an amendment upholding “traditional marriage.” The Pew Center for the States reports that “a similar ban is on the ballot later this year in Minnesota. In four other states, supporters of gay marriage are on the offensive.

In Maryland and Washington, voters may be asked to decide whether to allow new laws permitting same-sex marriage to take effect, although neither measure has not qualified for the ballot yet. And in Maine, a citizen initiative later this year would authorize gay…

Mildred Purse offers Expletive Therapy to Mitt Romney

Among Mildred Purse's accomplishments is an uncanny ability to help the mentally deprived. Recognizing that Mitt Romney does possess mental abilities, she offers him a formula for attaining peace of mind as he tries to survive without suffering a massive implosion. 

Here is what you do. Governor. When you encounter a group that is jobless hit them with the marriage is a man and a woman thing. Then instead of talking on, pause and stare at them with a quizzical expression on your face. Suggesting sympathy. Stay cool. When the media ask you what was up in there, you say, Listen, I never pull any punches. I am the same yesterday today and tomorrow. Then stare at them. And before they can come back at you, drop few choice expletives they will have to bleep. This will establish you immediately as the front runner.  You will feel a catharsis and experience a month of self-satisfied chuckles.  
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