This is the Century when We Need to Consider Ending War

Not as Some Utopian Fantasy but as Sane Means of Avoiding Global Suicide

War is said to be a cross-cultural universal that has no remedies.

Before Jericho (ca. 7500 B.C.) to Afghanistan and other places where war continues to rage, the causes have been many but the conduct has crossed every line of demarcation

Few have held out hope of altering the grim trajectory of war.

But there is some possibility hope now the notion of moral evolution. Especially when combined with impressive evidence that the alternative is universal suicide.

I do not anticipate war on anything like the scale of past wars. I do anticipate struggles where the end is less than lethal. And incidents like that of the Norway killer. 

But the lines of demarcation are ending. The world is melding. A democratic and spiritual global revolution is  afoot. So let's not be too quick to give up hope. 

War has to end sometime. It may as well be now. War is tacky. War is also hell. There are other ways to fight.

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Let This Be a Memorial to War and Let War Rest in Peace - Free Verse

Let this be a memorial to war 
Let war rest in peace 
And all its crimes with it 
And never walk the face of earth again

Let war be buried here and now 
Defense become defense 
And be the new doctrine of 
Whatever word we use 
When we stop saying war

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