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My Future World

No junk just life  Beyond modernity  No oil just air  We breathe  Sky we see  Food sparingly  Things we need
Modular  Built in  Replaceable  Mass produced  Customized
Thousands within a mile  Four levels max  An eco-Space  No homes  No apartments  No houses  Pueblos perhaps

No cars in the space  No stairs  Open 24/7
Everyone will have a private space  Modular on a  Skeleton frame  But no individual eco-stuff  That is the skeleton
Zonings on its head  All in the mix  Business  Education  Culture  Recreation  Living
Not to cook a choice  Squares each few hundred feet  No extreme weather can get in  Security enhanced
Child centric  Old centric  Mingled
I won't see it  But I know that it will come

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Clooney the message man is right on PLUS O is a Republican!

Let's not give up yetWe can win with smartsDay by day by dayHumorAcerbityTruth

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Don't Be Afraid to Look Within

So literal we are and so afraid to look within  Where Abba is alive the spark in all  Not some quiescent soul a living force  Ready to answer you if you but call

World movingToward spiritualityIndividualBut social tooSharing universal values
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Barack Obama - Poem

Barack Obama said  Deep within himself
There are two kinds of power There is the power of the struggle There is the power of the victor Struggle begins The cold in Springfield  Iowa to Super Tuesday to the cold Mall
Daunted not at all  I knew  I knew The power of the victor  Let me down  For now I knew  My hands were useless  To achieve  My dreams
I met my enemies
Was forced to pause

Now I see the truth
These powers must be fused
The power of the victor
The power of the struggle
I move with a light step
With my dreams intact

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Jesus Offered in a Very Few Words the Recipe for Every Person on the Planet

The Best Self Help is Abba's Way Jesus' Gift Consisted of a Prayer to Be Used Daily  and a Set of Interactive Values that Can Be Inferred  from All He Said and Did.
Jesus was a we person. If you read the Lord's Prayer, you will be shocked.  Here is a revolutionary few words to be prayed by you and me - individuals. But the pronoun used is the second person plural. We. Us. Our.
Here is my simple version of the prayer.
The Lord's Prayer
Abba whose home in heaven is  Hallowed and holy is your name  Let your realm come your will be done  Till earth and heaven are the same
Give us this day our daily bread  Forgive the wrongs that we have done  As we forgive those who do wrong  Lead us not into temptation
Deliver us from evil Lord  And safely guide us to your shore  Yours is the power to heal and mend  Yours is the glory evermore
The best self help can be stated in one sentence.
Become a "we" person
Yes, Abba created us to operate as individuals.  We receive and process everything…

Obama Wins - A Prophecy from 2010

Come gather round ye haters a story I will tell  About how the President beat you  It's a story I know well  If the millions spent on hate ads put all the wing nuts in  They will be such a side show  The President will win

If the money spent on hatred should fail to do the job  When wing nuts have to govern  Their thunder he will rob  He'll have two years to do it and he will do it well  And the chickens will come home to roost  In November 2012
How President Obama Wins No Matter What Happens - Free Verse by Stephen C. Rose To the tune of "Pretty Boy Floyd".

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