SCOTUS Needs To Revoke Citizens United Ruling Now

Here is why SCOTUS 
Needs To Revoke Citizens United Ruling Now


We have clear proof that unlimited PAC money dictates the conclusion
and therefore renders democracy inoperative
The Romney victories when he was never the majority choice
The Walker victory
Current awareness of a near 2-1 GOP advantage


The reputation of the Court has declined radically
Clearly US citizens believe the Court has for whatever reason 
moved off course
and cannot be depended on to act in the common interest


Corporations Are Not People
Corporations were invented precisely to exempt them
from liability which all people have
Corporations exude privilege by their very existence
Citizen's United enables unseemly greed 
and is a death knell to democracy 

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stephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 18, 07:48 AMWe must treat the election at every level as being stolen as we speak.http://t.co/xQs7ezun
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 18, 07:46 AMThe front folk are Koch  Rove Romney Boehner McConnell. Fight this war by fighting these people with words. http://t.co/KlDHsArc

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stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 18, 06:53 AMRT @stephencrose: @chaz1944 @MittRomney He is also in synch in every way with the amoral folk who killed the economy.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 18, 03:58 AMRT @stephencrose: Gretchen Morgenson on CSPAN is salient - my sense is Dodd Frank should be scrapped for a 10 page bill that works. DF of...
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 08:17 PM@MonroeG5 Who is Candy Crowley?
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 08:10 PM@Lacerebra And that too.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 08:03 PMIsn't it sad that media may never report the benefits of Obamacare unless SCOTUS zaps it?
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 08:01 PMAs soon as we connect the criminal Citizen's United ruling with those who are seeking to win with it they become accessories. As in Mitt.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 07:59 PM@sharm629 The tide will turn as Romney and company are exposed as players in the slaughter of our democracy.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 07:53 PM@Larrypeach @RBReich Agree.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 07:49 PM@bniemic Scalia is a walking self-fulfilling prophecy.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 07:47 PM@txmattie The criminal GOP at work obstructing government and seeking to destroy the President.
stephencrosestephencrose Stephen C. Rose Jun 17, 07:41 PM@MrJueseppi Not in my stream. :)

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By their brands we shall know them

By their brands we shall know them
For example Chevron
I know Chevron by their lies
Their highly skilled and manipulative ads for fracking
This to me is of a piece with PAC advertising
We know who the culprit is in this case
but the noxious effect is not 
diminished by that knowledge
We can assume that PACs are bought 
by similarly noxious enterprises

I have always thought an advertiser
could win favor by spending ad budget
on something useful
For example transporting us for free
By that I mean paying for a vehicle and its operation
A Starbux bus
Then it can tell me whatever it wants 
It is doing something I need
All the rest is useless 

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