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SCOTUS Needs To Revoke Citizens United Ruling Now

Here is why SCOTUS Needs To Revoke Citizens United Ruling Now
We have clear proof that unlimited PAC money dictates the conclusionand therefore renders democracy inoperativeThe Romney victories when he was never the majority choiceThe Walker victoryCurrent awareness of a near 2-1 GOP advantage
The reputation of the Court has declined radicallyClearly US citizens believe the Court has for whatever reason moved off courseand cannot be depended on to act in the common interest
Corporations Are Not PeopleCorporations were invented precisely to exempt themfrom liability which all people haveCorporations exude privilege by their very existenceCitizen's United enables unseemly greed and is a death knell to democracy 

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stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 18, 07:48 AMWe must treat the election at every level as being stolen as we speak. ShortFormContent at Blogger: The Theft of the Coming Election [] The Theft of the Coming Election
The Theft of the Coming Election is not meant to be a come-on headline so you will read onIt is an accurate description of a processthat began with the Republican Primariesand Citizen's UnitedCitizens United had its test run when Sheldon Adelsondemonstrated that he could spend tens of millionsturning Mitt Romney into a beggarand then a slaveWe must treat the election at every level as being stolen as we speak

My Kindle Store Books (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 18, 07:46 AMThe front folk are Koch  Rove Romney Boehner McConnell. Fight this war by fighting these people with words. ShortFormContent at Blogger: We must avoid David-Goliath complexes[] We must avoid David-Goliath …

By their brands we shall know them

By their brands we shall know themFor example ChevronI know Chevron by their liesTheir highly skilled and manipulative ads for frackingThis to me is of a piece with PAC advertisingWe know who the culprit is in this casebut the noxious effect is not diminished by that knowledgeWe can assume that PACs are bought by similarly noxious enterprises
I have always thought an advertisercould win favor by spending ad budgeton something usefulFor example transporting us for freeBy that I mean paying for a vehicle and its operationA Starbux busThen it can tell me whatever it wants It is doing something I needAll the rest is useless 

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