Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community Five Work Spaces and Institutions

Our current society stratifies
and makes car ownership necessary
Cyber-communities are car free
and have everything
within walking distance

In three previous posts
I describe residential space
outside sitting and play space
and kiosks - small commercial
and cultural and educational
centers for all ages
providing local jobs
and community

This post points to the
rectangles in my graphic
of a basic Cyber-Community unit
The rectangles denote
work spaces and
Work will be localized
because all work will
eventually depend on cyber
Businesses and institutions
will use these spaces
Not for profit and social
institutions will
use these spaces
The evolution of cyber
will require the growth
of communities that
are integral and

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Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community Four Kiosks Eyes on The Way

A key feature of Cyber Communities
are Kiosks or Public Interfaces

These are small
staffed by one or two persons
dedicated to specific


Generally these will have
a large screen 
visual element
operated by an 
on scene expert

There will be limited seating

Kiosks are the hubs of 
the Cyber Community

They also represent Eyes on the Way
An iteration of Jane Jacobs' famous
Eyes on the Street
Essential to rescuing neighborhood 
from today's sprawl

The image below shows Kiosks in relation to
Residence areas
Play-Sitting Areas
And Work Institutional areas

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Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community Three Public Sitting and Play Spaces

Each of the circles in the graphic above
represents a sitting and play area
within a unit of a cyber-community

A car-free community
allows for such freedom
and the existence of
levels means that 
such spaces are

There would be a few more of these
than residential spaces
in a typical unit

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Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community Two

This is the residential element 
within the total cyber-community diagram 
at the link above

This prosaic rectangle 
has the following characteristics

1. It's modular 
arranged at will

2. The skeleton 
or matrix bears weight

3. Walls floors and
ceilings are 
smart surfaces

4. Dwellings are  
like stage sets

5. Residences are divided
by sound proof

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Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community One

Visualizing A Car Free Cyber Community Two | ShortFormContent at Blogger:

The squares are residential
The rectangles are commercial and institutional
The circles are squares for sitting and play
The ovals are kiosks and other small structures
representing specialties and local employment
Connections between structures are part of a common
matrix that serves the whole
A cyber community is made up of a maximum of four levels
The total area is a mile or so square

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