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Defeating the "outspent" it will be hard to win meme

Barack Obama will be the first President to be outspent every email saysIf we don't (contribute three bucks or a higher amount) we could loseLet me say this as politely as I canWe are beating Romney now because weagreed not to cave when people said go easy on BainWe are winning ONLY to the extent that we are being toughThe worst thing we could do is not use Romney' buying the electionas our bannerLet's call the Romney PAC  what it isthe 30 Billionaires ClubLet's take the gloves offWith humorWith angerWith indignationat the nerve of the treasonous GOPThey want to win so bad they will risk global depressionThey are the dregsof the greed cultureStop talking outspentand we could loseThat is retro-Democratic Party bullshitTalk about Romney not being able tobuy the electionbecause he is penniless when it comes to programsand broke when it comesto understanding the American peopleDo this while he is over dancing with his horses

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