Defeating the "outspent" it will be hard to win meme

Barack Obama will be the first President 
to be outspent every email says
If we don't (contribute three bucks or a higher amount) 
we could lose
Let me say this as politely as I can
We are beating Romney now because we
agreed not to cave when people said go easy on Bain
We are winning ONLY to the extent that we are 
being tough
The worst thing we could do is not use 
Romney' buying the election
as our banner
Let's call the Romney PAC  what it is
the 30 Billionaires Club
Let's take the gloves off
With humor
With anger
With indignation
at the nerve of the treasonous GOP
They want to win so bad they will risk global depression
They are the dregs
of the greed culture
Stop talking outspent
and we could lose
That is retro-Democratic Party bullshit
Talk about Romney not being able to
buy the election
because he is penniless when it comes to programs
and broke when it comes
to understanding the American people
Do this while he is over dancing with his horses

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