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The Great Coming Turnaround You Lose GOP Party of No

There is a great coming turnaround comingor so this observer believesI shall write about it extensively but here are the salient starting points
1.The market works regardlessand the market is saying shut up and fly right to the criminal GOP
2.The war between corporate and green pluswill morph into a cooperative both-and MOwith acceptance of safe exploitation of domestic energy sourcesin exchange for concessions on safety health and environmental fronts
3.By common consent we will begin to rebuild a societythat serves all its peopleunder the leadership of a Presidentwhose mantra is ALL Americans  

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Metaphysical Threes Pragmaticistically

The first we can never nameWe call it impulse hint commencementCacaphony NothingEverything
The second is a nameThe name we giveto namelesnessthe unnutterableAbba is a good name to give
The third is the name's wayby which we relatefirst > secondimpulse > nametesting the values we associatewith the nameas in the case of Abbatolerancehelpfulnessdemocracynon-idolatry

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