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Binary Heritage Triadic Future Human Escape Hatch

Binary Heritage
Jesus broke the grip of binary thinking by saying a house divided cannot stand
Today's world is still enslaved by dualism and binary thinking
If this that
One side or the other
Win or lose
Yea or nay
Binary works well enough in the limited realm of math
but it wreaks havoc with values  
Binary thinking cannot reckon with the 
complex orders of divine reality

Triadic Future
Charles Sanders Pierce was a realist
whose inventive mind presaged the cyber era
Pierce's thinking supported the understanding
of Jesus about a house divided
Peirce propounded a thought structure that
recognized the confused but pregnant signs in 
our minds as Firsts
For Peirce a First evolves by hitting bumps or conditions
or rules which he called Seconds
Peirce assumed that when we school ourselves 
Firsts and Seconds
are reconciled and linked together in a Third
A Third is the actualization in a practical sense
of the First and the Second
Peirce understood that history moves forward
and that continuity is a working premise
Peirce assumed that we progress by thinking in threes
not in dualistic and binary ways  

Human Escape Hatch
Peirce's thought segues with Nietzsche's
unfulfilled speculations about values
Nietzsche's greatest gift was his fusion of will and value
paving the way for the translation of Jesus' values
into doable means of achieving transcendence
within our immanent frame
The human escape hatch moves us past binary thinking
It is the door
to our discovery within of ontological and universal values 
that can transform us as falible yet transcending -prsons
These values  are
helping in the sense of enabling 
tolerance in the sense of strength
democracy in the sense of universal rights
and non-idolatry in the sense of worshiping nothing
save Abba or whoever you call the element
within you that is transcendent
Worship as the ascription of worth
not religious show 

This is the century of the great escape
from hoary religion to the more encouraging
spirituality of Abba's way
Good bye binary thinking
Hello triadic thinking
Goodbye binary values
Welcome triadic values
Active and foundational

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Deliver us from evil is a prominent and disturbing element in the shortest but most pregnant prayer there is

Deliver us from evil is a prominent and disturbing element 
in the shortest but most pregnant prayer there is
Gram Parsons wrote in Hickory Wind that trouble is real
It is and this prayer acknowledges that we can fall into it 
Trouble becomes evil when it willfully harms others 
with words or deeds 
Harm can be defined by leading to or involving death
We do not have the right to kill 
Evil is human-made
So this prayer makes no bones about it 
Deliver us means rescue us 
Deliver us means save us 
It is no accident that the previous line of the prayer is
 Lead us not into temptation 
When we are in trouble 
and close to being enveloped by evil 
we need to see the harm that we are doing by our actions - 
including our silence 
This should create remorse 
It should lead one to be thankful 
that we have this twelve line prayer
a gift to every last human being on the planet 
A prayer that asks simply 
that you live a life that 
forgives others as you are forgiven

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