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Reckoning With GOP Big Lie Super PACS Is Now A Board on Quora

WHEN IN DOUBT GO TO QUORAQuora is a place where folk can be smart without shameQuora provides the best answers to questions by popularityand it generally is the bestI was in doubt so I went to Quora and posted to a board I set upReckoning With GOP Big Lie Super PACS - Quora

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Gearing Up To Whip the Predatory Unpatriotic PACs

WE ARE LOSING PRECIOUS TIME WE MUST ACTIVELY FIGHT GOP PACSGOP PACs are noxious organizations whose purposes are evil because they intend palpable harmGOP PAC's practice Big Lie politics reminiscent of Germany in the 1930sGOP PACs can end up buying an election and permanently harmingmillions in the resulting misgovernanceGOP PACs will eventually be seen as unpatriotic and unAmerican   
THE MEDIA AND MULTITUDES ACT AS THOUGH THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR ALARMMany see things through the lens of past elections and miss the Super PAC differenceThe media seems to regard truth as what is being said when much that is said is a conscious lieThe sheer plethora of barriers to fairness in this election is daunting to the ordinary personDecades of GOP chipping away at our democracy have created an apathetic stupor 
THE ANSWER LIES IN WORKING HYPOTHESES WE CAN TESTCan showing the election is being bought create public rageCan such rage become newsworthy and if so howCan we equal the force of the Big Li…