Can the Democrats Close The Deal Before Tampa

Cut to the chase - here's how
Let the media press the Romney tax issue by 
cutting back on Democratic attacks
Move to a five point saturation campaign
1. Romney will make a shambles of health
2. Romney's jobs promises are phony
3. Romney will not lower the debt
4. Romney will make life harder for girls and women
5. Romney will create a Supreme Court that is in the pocket of the One Percent

You can substitute points but focus them on the future

The media will note the change
Romney will try and fail to respond
Between this and the unfolding tax drama
Romney could be toast by Tampa

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Harold Bloom pinned the importance of influence and Twitter confirms it

Influence is a sweet word for the way life operates
Each person is a more or less sensitive receptor
And a major influential broadcaster
And when two or more are gathered and in sensor mode
watch out
Influences of all sorts and conditions fly about in more profusion
than atoms
and have more force than funny cars

We would like to see it otherwise to skirt the implications
of influence when a supreme hostile vibe from one
survives deep sleep in another and becomes a cause celebre
whose randomness is no longer germane

Thank Abba then for will 
That would be the power of saying no
to direct inner traffic
to purge
to be oneself
in some semblance of control

What an achievement
and what a mystery are we

We live by influence
Best we not die by it

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