Mildred Purse Surmises Mitt Romney's Future for The Next Three Weeks

He will experience a radical increase in insistence
that he release his tax returns
He will not come up with a convincing response
to the meme that his tax proposal benefits him and few else
His staff will tell him he better fess up
He and Ann will discuss what he should do
He considers quitting
She will have none of it
He agrees to stonewall for another week
Romney staffers and advisers exit 
some voluntarily
The ship begins to rock dangerously
MSM TV and NYT begin to circle around
some of the more damaging news already out there
like Romney's cop impersonation at Stanford
and association with horrible happenings from
Latin America to central Africa
A delegation tells Mitt to quit
Ann says no way
Mitt becomes agitated
Mitt releases three years of returns which show him paying taxes
He says this is all you will get and damn Harry Reid
He is told that Sarah Palin is planning to call for him to quit
He does his best to stop her
Ann calls up Sarah
Sarah tells her the jig is up
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Time is wonderful It is chronology

Time is wonderful 
It is chronology
It creates plans and deadlines
It's recurrence is but a good or less good dream
It makes us look forward
and makes looking back more than
a cottage industry
Understanding time this way
time is a treat reserved for
the living
the accepting
those who know they are ever free
to say no to anything
and that in this consists the vital yes to
to future
to the realities like love 
and to eternity in time
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Graceful Security

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