Charles Sanders Peirce - Observed facts do not, in themselves, contain any practical knowledge

C. S. Peirce, excerpts from Ms. 692:

Now our percepts and direct observations relate exclusively to the

circumstances that happened to exist when they were made, and not to any

future occasion in which we might be in doubt how to act. Consequently,

observed facts do not, in themselves, contain any practical knowledge;

and in order to attain such knowledge, additions must be made to the

data of perception. Any proposition added to the percepts, tending to

make those data illuminate other circumstances than those under which

they were observed, may be called a hypothesis. For instance, it is a

hypothesis that thirteen of the present United States were former

colonies of Great Britain. For it cannot be directly observed. All that

we can observe is that it is so asserted in books and tradition, and

that a few monuments of divers kinds support the assertion. [pg. 13-14]

That neither deduction nor induction can ever add the smallest item to

the data of perception; and, as we have already noticed, mere percepts

do not constitute any knowledge applicable to any practical or

theoretical use. All that makes knowledge applicable comes to us via

abduction. Looking out my window this lovely spring morning I see an

azalea in full bloom. No, no! I do not see that; though that is the only

way I can describe what I see. That is a proposition, a sentence, a

fact; but what I perceive is not proposition, sentence, fact, but only

an image, which I make intelligible in part by means of a statement of

fact. This statement is abstract; but what I see is concrete. I perform

an abduction when I so much as express in a sentence anything I see. The

truth is that the whole fabric of our knowledge is one matted felt of

pure hypothesis confirmed and refined by induction. Not the smallest

advance can be made in knowledge beyond the stage of vacant staring,

without making an abduction at every step. [pg. 26-27]

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My Comment On - With G.O.P. Ticket Complete, Crowds Swell - NYTimes.com

With G.O.P. Ticket Complete, Crowds Swell - NYTimes.com: "Mitt succeeded in the Olympics by scoring substantial federal aid. The President is not blaming. He is cautioning against a return to policies that did not create jobs and exacerbated the economic situation. The crisis we are in transcends the current political disputes including fiscal options. The President understands this. His pragmatism and reason is a vastly more hopeful approach than the Romney Ryan sense that they have the solution."

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Recent Tweets 8/12/2009 6:40 AM

Choosing Ryan is not bold nor does it reset the Romney effort. It favors the rich, raises the debt and lacerates women and everybody else.

Ryan won't help Romney with independents, women and anyone who cares about their health care prospects. Nate says it's a loser's choice.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand's ideas: in the hot seat again | The Atlas Society 

 the sprawl-design was contrived by uber-industrialist/financiers 2 weaken & indebt the general population against them IMO

Let's be revolted now. Mitt = the power of money and the GOP and the Big Lie to subvert democracy. And let's see he loses.

Obama Truth - "On his first full day, he froze White House salaries." /go here and start posting!

The only thing holding our economy back now is the GOP. And it still strains to recover.

Rest easy Ryan lies as much as Romney. Obama agenda is only about 1/4 passed. GOP stonewalled from day one.

The Biden-Ryan debate should be priceless. "Now Paul..."

4 Things Mitt can't escape - tax scrutiny, checkered past, evolution to wingnut status, daily gaffes.

"The nation is waking up to the conspiracy to block Obama at every turn " 

"Paul Ryan's budget applies a serrated knife to a process that requires a fine scalpel. " 

Matt Ortega • Barack Obama and Joe Biden react to Mitt Romney’s...  /amusing photo sequence

Romney's Mission Accomplished Moment - Nominates Ryan, drops in polls, smiles in a sickly manner, spends a billion on a lost cause.
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