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Charles Sanders Peirce - Observed facts do not, in themselves, contain any practical knowledge

C. S. Peirce, excerpts from Ms. 692:
Now our percepts and direct observations relate exclusively to the
circumstances that happened to exist when they were made, and not to any
future occasion in which we might be in doubt how to act. Consequently,
observed facts do not, in themselves, contain any practical knowledge;
and in order to attain such knowledge, additions must be made to the
data of perception. Any proposition added to the percepts, tending to
make those data illuminate other circumstances than those under which
they were observed, may be called a hypothesis. For instance, it is a
hypothesis that thirteen of the present United States were former
colonies of Great Britain. For it cannot be directly observed. All that
we can observe is that it is so asserted in books and tradition, and
that a few monuments of divers kinds support the assertion. [pg. 13-14]
That neither deduction nor induction can ever add the smallest item to
the data of perception; and, as we have already n…

My Comment On - With G.O.P. Ticket Complete, Crowds Swell -

With G.O.P. Ticket Complete, Crowds Swell - "Mitt succeeded in the Olympics by scoring substantial federal aid. The President is not blaming. He is cautioning against a return to policies that did not create jobs and exacerbated the economic situation. The crisis we are in transcends the current political disputes including fiscal options. The President understands this. His pragmatism and reason is a vastly more hopeful approach than the Romney Ryan sense that they have the solution."

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