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Charles Sanders Peirce - Our thoughts naturally show a tendency to agree with the laws of nature

In man, two broad instincts common to all animals, the instinct for 
getting food, and the instinct for reproduction, are developed into some 
degree of rational insight into nature. The instincts connected with 
getting food require that every animal should have some just ideas of 
the action of mechanical forces. In man these ideas become abstract and 
general. [�] [pg. 27-28] 
The instincts connected with reproduction require that every animal 
should have some tact and judgment as to how another animal will feel 
and act under different circumstances. These ideas likewise take more 
abstract forms in man, and enable us to make our initial hypotheses 
successfully in the psychical side of science, � in such studies, for 
example, as psychology, linguistics, ethnology, history, economics, etc. 
It is evident that unless man had some inward light t…

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Interesting there was nothing in the interview that needed Mitt even to be present. It was Bob's wet kiss to Ryan. Collapse
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