Charles Sanders Peirce - Our thoughts naturally show a tendency to agree with the laws of nature

In man, two broad instincts common to all animals, the instinct for 

getting food, and the instinct for reproduction, are developed into some 

degree of rational insight into nature. The instincts connected with 

getting food require that every animal should have some just ideas of 

the action of mechanical forces. In man these ideas become abstract and 

general. [�] [pg. 27-28] 

The instincts connected with reproduction require that every animal 

should have some tact and judgment as to how another animal will feel 

and act under different circumstances. These ideas likewise take more 

abstract forms in man, and enable us to make our initial hypotheses 

successfully in the psychical side of science, � in such studies, for 

example, as psychology, linguistics, ethnology, history, economics, etc. 

It is evident that unless man had some inward light tending to make his 

guesses on these subjects much more often true than they would be by 

mere chance, the human race would long ago have been extirpated for its 

utter incapacity in the struggles for existence; or if some protection 

had kept it continually multiplying, the time from the tertiary epoch to 

our own would be altogether too short to expect that the human race 

could yet have made its first happy guess in any science. The mind of 

man has been formed under the action of the laws of nature, and 

therefore it is not so very surprising to find that its constitution is 

such that, when we can get rid of caprices, idiosyncrasies, and other 

perturbations, its thoughts naturally show a tendency to agree with the 

laws of nature. [pg. 28 - 30] 

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Stephen C. Rose (stephencrose) on Twitter http://buff.ly/RAusvy

Interesting there was nothing in the interview that needed Mitt even to be present. It was Bob's wet kiss to Ryan.

Happy Ryan was lying about Obama (easily refuted). Even happier his record is close to that of Michelle Bachmann.

With Ryan's little gloss on revealing two years of taxes like Mitt, both men are on the block. And nothing says Ryan is that clean.

Republicans have been more insistent about Mitt revealing his returns than the major networks.

The way the interview ends is a testimony to its vapidity and shames 60 Minutes. CBS should have deep sixed it.

Ryan was at the 1/20/12 Block Obama meeting and he has the gall to accuse Obama of not leading?.

Bain is a distraction? It was the pioneer in the promulgation of crony capitalism with Mitt at the helm.

I do not believe this. It is a slap at the profession and at us and certainly at 60 Minutes.

Since Ryan can run for Congress this year we have a responsibility to make it hot for him there. His rural constituents are in revolt.

Obama - "He Returned The Executive Branch To Fiscal Responsibility After the Bush Debacle" 

Ryan - "“He believes that we should ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest,” Mr. Axelrod said on ABC 

Bob Schieffer - Will he ask Paul Ryan about his participation in the Block Obama Conspiracy meet 1/20/2009?

We need to have the fiscal argument here on Twitter. Winner will take the election. It wont be Ryan-Romney.

Ryan and Romney have mastered the art of hiding their bile. Rience Priebus has not.

"Obama’s health care law extends the solvency of Medicare, and has already saved seniors $4 billion on prescription dr…

Cheney worships ground Ryan walks upon. Two consummate liars embrace.

Ryan's presence at the 1.20/12 Norquist Conspiracy Meet means he has lied and will lie to bring down Obama. A fake just like Mitt.

The Obama 2 year window was and is a lie. Obama faced a stonewall and some sick Democrats as well. Fight the GOP Big Lie!

“What Romney and Bain did to working families and companies is what Romney and Ryan would do to all Americans.”

GOP MO is hate Obama. Obama MO is serve the people. GOP hates the people. 
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