Oil Cheney Oil Koch Oil BP Oil Frack Big Oil Oil Spill Oil War Oil Crimes

Ultimately there is no enemy because
all conflicts are resolved
and harmony reigns
This the magic of the three
However in earth there are enemies
divisions sides
Big Oil is one such enemy
Within these words are nested
signs and forms and symbols and images
which were when first seen seen
as power signs
and even now they fill the pockets of those named above
But time has turned these into enemies
of values that are of the future
values that derive from the willed and active values
of Abba's way
Tolerance a world that can withstand just so much ravaging
Democracy a world in which each person shares the self same rights
Helpfulness the sign and seal of enhancing the life of all persons
And finally non-idolatry choose whom you serve
And have no one you serve who is not subservient 
to these ontological values 
The way beyond the oil woes listed above
is free energy Abba provides
energized by the massive fund of unused mental power
in all just waiting
and free community
not our dissected sprawling dysfunctional;
jail ridden crime infested society
I do politics these days 24/7
but this is what I would do if I had any clout at all
My only confidence is that this is indeed the future
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I wonder if Mitt ever thought about tax avoidance as a form of robbery

I wonder if Mitt ever thought about tax avoidance as a form of robbery
It stands to reason that every dollar Mitt avoided paying came out of our pockets
The rich avoidance of personal and corporate taxes robs the rest of us of real dollars
I wonder if there will ever be a Congress that closes every loophole that robs us  

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How liberals can swallow righteous indignation and cooly skewer Right Wing evasiveness

The tweet turned graphic above
is a recipe for Democrats and liberals
which is coming to consciousness as we comprehend
Mitt Romney's appropriation of Tea Party birtherism
Rather than going all apoplectic with righteous indignation
we are best advised to practice Presidential cool
It robs the Right of the ploy of citing liberal rage as
an excuse to minimize the venality of their operation
Scorn is the appropriate emotion to apply
Scorn is a matter of sizing
The GOP is small
Very small
And we will beat them not by
indignation and temper tantrums
but by cool and scornful
characterizations of their
evasive efforts

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