I do not think this election will be tighter than 2004.

I think this nation is less deadlocked than pundits say
I think that both sides have a mostly hidden spirit that 
understands that our problems are so huge that stock
political solutions seem fatuous
So finally I think on Nov. 6 we will roll the dice
and play the fixed pair we have already decided on
But the decision we have made is on what scenario best 
conforms with out honest take on the future
In such an environment proposals on either side are less 
important than a sense of direction
A comeback team will be less interesting than
a forward looking team
A team that understands that we cannot forever live on fossil
fuels and experiments with alternatives
will trump one that wishes only to appease those who are nostalgic
for a day when gas cost 20 cents a gallon
The side that puts forward together with a sense that
the folk who are elected
assuming it is winner take all
will be like-minded
will win by a larger margin
than obtained in 2004
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