Mitt's real agenda - keep Sheldon Adelson out of jail and let Koch and company frack like bandits forever - the earth and us be damned and other recent tweets 8/31/09 2:04 PM ET

Mitt's real agenda - keep Sheldon Adelson out of jail and let Koch and company frack like bandits forever - the earth and us be damned.

Mr. President please: "Set September as the month you will out raise Romney." Yes we can. If you do. 

GOP plotted to "deny... him any achievement, no matter the cost to the economy or American security…" 

"Republicans charted a course of denial and obstruction from the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated" 

The NYTimes wraps its editorial mind around the GOP Conspiracy of 1/20/09 - now report it in depth! | ShortFormContent…

Apology Tour "Despite earning Four Pinocchios for this claim for months, Romney keeps saying this." 

"An August forecast, predicts 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, no matter who is president" 

RT : Sen. Tom Coburn (R. Ok) joined fellow GOP conspirators 1/20/09 to bring down the new President.

The President is more genuinely for America than Mitt Romney is.

In Charlotte we will be reminded of how the Presidency worked against draconian GOP odds and motivated to win big again.

Mitt is giving his stump speech as the most important speech of his life.

Immediately after the 2008 election Grover Norquist and his Congressionall allies swore to block Obama at every turn.…

The GOP Congress has tested our patience and confidence in America.

The country for all the pious talk is increasingly polarized precisely by the movement of money to the one percent.

We do not own the country Clint. You are confused..

There is no issue on which, if the GOP was honest, it would have a serious debate with the President. That is their shame.

A patriotic GOP would have pledged to work with the President, not stop him at every turn.

Romney/Ryan/GOP Congress destroys Medicare & Medicaid.. Obama secures and strengthens both..

Mitt Romney is NOT a great manager. His management of Bain was ethically challenged. His management of MA was mediocre.

Ryan traded any credit he may have had as an honest conservative for the mantel of a hack and a liar.

Romney won the nomination with money. No financial edge, he would NOT be the nominee. With it he was a vindictive winner.

If Romney repeats the GOP rap on Obama tonight he will be lying. If he glosses over bullying and cop imitation, he will be hiding truth.

In1968, with liberal dreams crushed,. GOP won with a liar and a crook. In 2012 don't let history repeat itself.

Jared Bernstein - "Bush tax cuts back in the early 2000s ... begat the fiscal cliff." 

President can push GOP to the wall by getting E.P.A. to make chemical plants safer 

Barack Obama has championed success and created more of it than Mitt has ever dreamed of doing.

The only slogan the GOP can come up with is a lie - We Built This - applied to a place the government built.

Ryan has not lasted the morning on the NYT home page. Like everything else GOP, he is a rerun.

GOP lives on lies. Big Business supports GOP. Big Business lives on lies.

Bradley Effect? As of today GOP is hardly bashful about its racism. It is simply part of the whole kahuna of the GOP Big Lie.

RT : Federal Court will review Marijuana’s classification as a dangerous drug with no health benefits

Mitt said: Send me someone who is a better liar than I am. Satan said: Have you considered my servant, Paul Ryan?

Romney is not ethical or pragmatic as Obama is. Romney pushes fixed ideas and casual whims regardless of their validity or morality.

Romney-Ryan goal - ruin us all simply to fatten already-bulging coffers of the wealthiest. Can anyone explain?

There is no way Mitt can fix the economy with his premises which repeat the worst GOP mistakes of the last three decades.

Mitt's family on Mitt's 2012 run - "The vote was 10 to 2, with only Ann and Tagg favoring a run." 

Axe email - I'd like to know what's noble about making it harder for people to get health care.

good for the Los Angeles Times for calling out the ubiquitous falsehood about Obama supposedly waiving welfare reform’…

GOP Bounce? Nate Silver says Obama lead widest in three months.

We abuse monkeys to find out that being thin is not the key to health.

Ryan "ducked the tough issues and blamed others for the problems" /NYT Editorial

"With an I.R.A. account of $20 million to $101 million, the tax savings would be more than a few pennies." 

"Another suggestion is that in 2009 he paid income taxes significantly below the 13.9 percent he paid in 2010. "

"Pledge now that we will out-raise the GOP in September with SMALL donations just to show we have moxie and fight"

For the most part Condi is preaching beyond the comprehension or commitment of the GOP, her dog whistles excepted.

Eric Cantor conspired against the President and he blames the last four years on who? Co-conspirators - Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan.
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