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Showing posts from September 3, 2012

PT A sneak peek into what is coming in the cyber world when we wake from our torpor

Maybe it all began with dualism but something stopped our minds  Said we need to live askew isolated fighting idiotically  rather than thinking it through That all changes because cyber means we move to  Peirce-land where experiment reigns and nothing remains the same Oh that sneak peek At Lincoln Center there is a big communal outdoor screen People who could never afford a seat at the Met  watch seraphic Opera at their liesure outside When we understand that the car dictates design and ruins society and that security and weather awareness requires new designs and notions we can build communities that do not allow cars to dictate their design with EVERYTHING within walking distance including one of these screens so that all the world can watch where we live In communities dense enough to support local job creation where curiosity is the most important  characteristic and values of tolerance and helpfulness are honored along with democracy  and non-idolatry Someone will build one of t…