Gloves Off Why We Are 1000 Times Better off Now than Four Years Ago Rewritten 9/6/12

The reason we must be aggressive is to show the electorate 
that we are on to the GOP and their tricks
Every Democratic President since FDR has been the victim 
of vicious and unfounded GOP attack
Barack Obama perceived at the start that he was dealing
with the worst GOP attack ever waged
Not only did the GOP oppose Obama politically it determined to
disable the government to discredit him
On the night Obama was inaugurated he was betrayed by
Ryan Kyl Luntz Cantor and other GOP criminals
President Obama used every weapon he had to best the traitor
GOP but they remained subversive for four years
President Obama used a rope-a-dope strategy in hopes of 
eventually landing knockout blows as people awoke
Charlotte is awakening us all to the fact of the GOP
betrayal and its true agenda
The true agenda of the GOP is to earn money globally while 
neutering all domestic opposition
The GOP embrace of an offshoring candidate is simply a sign of 
how bald-faced their agenda is
GOP says why milk dumb Americans when we can
make thew whole world our oyster
We are better off than ever now because more and more
are waking up to the problem - it is called the criminal GOP

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