GOP wants the economy to tank on Obama's watch and we need to broadcast that and other recent tweets 9/8/12 2:22 PM ET

GOP wants the economy to tank on Obama's watch and we need to broadcast that and show exactly how they are doing it.
So Obama GOES to Congress and pleads and the GOP remains traitorous and disloyal and anti-American. They still are.
RT : "Romney tapped El Salvador's wealthy families, including one linked to right-wing death squads" 
Right wing Christianity is a form of religion. Jesus was a scathing critic of all religion. Jesus is a scathing critic of RWC.
GOP continues to obstruct the Obama jobs act in an anti-American rejection of Constitutional responsibility 
Romney Ryan would put care of veterans in free fall. Vote Democratic! "Jumps" - YouTube 
Why does this picture disgust me? Photo by meetthepress • Instagram 
  If you fail to press the tax issue you will betray the American people and deserve contempt and more..
Congressional Budget Office: Stimulus Boosted Economy By Up To 4.1 Percent In 2010, 2.3 Percent In 2011. In its May 20…
"After betting big on Twitter ads, the Romney campaign just saw their first sponsored hashtag go wrong." 
"With the stock market rallying more than 11% thus far this year, President Obama has a silver lining " 
After four years of GOP obstruction in Congress, American's are ready for a change.
President Obama's post-convention bounce could be as much as five points or more.  /Nate NYT
RT : Cap Tip  Romney, Bain, Death Squads | Thom Hartmann  Retweet this blockbuster Mitt expose.
Corrected: Reince tells Sean their strategy is to prove Obama is not who he was four years ago while ducking a a fact question. Pathetic.

Any moves the GOP makes are irrelevant. They are depending on a Swiftboat Blitz and have the money to saturate anywhere.
If Mitt stipulates no discussion of taxes, MTP/NBC should cancel Sunday's interview. Giving Romney a pass would be beyond contempt.
Media is derelict giving Mitt a pass on taxes. Obama leads so they protect Mitt to make it closer. What will David Gregory do?
The economy will prosper when we understand that people want basic change that reflects new realities 
We need a different approach to housing. Creating voluntary, diverse, integral communities with everything in walking distance.
Big Lie is more than daily distortions of R and R. It is the deluge of lies that will come when desperate GOP PACS see they are losing.
Nate Silver's figures for an Obama Electoral College win has risen steadily since June to +10.6 since Aug. 30.
Mitt won't reveal his tax returns. The media yawns. If Meet The Press host David Gregory yawns as well, NBC should fire him.
If you want to beat Steve King contribute to Christie Vilsack for Congress 
Another Mitt Rap Sheet "He was yanking out cash early and often, he would profit even if his targets collapsed." 
Romney's claim he has faith in the American people is a stretch. His faith is limited to family and a small closed circle of allies.
1st outside Bain shell company investor Sir Jack Lyons was later convicted of fraud in the Guinness Affair. 
On the night Obama was inaugurated he was betrayed by Ryan Kyl Luntz Cantor and other GOP criminals 
Obama Message - We the people are the power that needs to be exercised and other recent tweets 9/712 2:01 PM ET

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