Obama's Clear Message: It Is We Who Can and Must Suppress The GOP at the Polls and other recent tweets 9/10/12 9:37 AM ET

Obama's Clear Message: It Is We Who Can and Must Suppress The GOP at the Polls 
The GOP suppresses votes, the GOP suppresses jobs, the GOP suppresses the economy. The GOP suppresses women. Suppress the GOP.
"Republicans pay Luntz' to devise lies that will keep Americans dumb and ignorant" 
The GOP's actual faith in the American people could not fill a leaking thimble.
GOP wants to turn US into an ungovernable banana republic. - Krugman NYT 
RT : Romney is vastly more secretive than Nixon ever was.
PT - All told, Mr. Obama’s proposal would raise about $1 trillion in new revenue over the next decade, according to mo…
"Even if we win we will have the Boehner mess to clean up We are on a knife edge" 
Welcome new followers. Keep those great tweets coming. We're in a war.
The Obama shariah Kenya video is a tissue of lies. They cannot even spell the President's first name.
Like all members of Congress Ryan has no medical worries. His hypocrisy is monumental.
Anyone who's under fifty-five listen - I am older still alive terse verse
Anyone under 55 is toast in the Romney Ryan universe. They vouch for it.
"Obama will lead Romney by at least five points on election day"
President Obama is lifted in the air by Scott Van Duzer, owner of the Big Apple Pizza owner. 
My 2012 Obama Predictor Page with other Contests Prognosticated 9/9/2012 | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
RT : Mitt can have paid a "lotta taxes" without paying a cent in income tax. I smell a waffle burning.
Romney's version of Bush credit card wars is his ten year delay in inaugurating voucher care.
The GOP is so locked into Norquist that it is a complete barrier to a GOP victory.
There will be more hiring, more jobs when we have a Congress that passes Obama policies.
The loopholes Romney is depending on to save him are actually the nooses that will hang him.
At precisely the time to ask Mitt about taxes, Mitt receives a wet kiss question-prompt. Gregory is pathetic.
Romney is code-saying I will let Wall Street drive us off the cliff again. This is exactly what Wall Street wants and why they favor him.
By calling the Gregory Mitt Romney thing an interview, MSNBC is bowing to GE not truth.
Mitt will never balance the budget. He will never do anything he says he will do. Mitt is through. He conveys it in every way.
Another reason not to vote for Mitt. Keep the hapless David Gregory out of the White House.
The only reason for a lack of job growth is the refusal of the noxious GOP Congress to act on the Obama jobs bills.
Trumpeting God is religion. Jesus opposed religion. Romney trumpets God.
"Romney-Ryan can only win by lies unlimited money and voter suppression" 
"The GOP hatched a conspiracy To make mincemeat of our democracy" 
"For on the very night Obama was our Chief These GOP betrayers planned OUR grief" 
Romney interview fails to deal with his taxes and skeevy associations. Gregory should be fired. 
Obama regards his achievements as normality, not something to be trumpeted.
All GOP Congress and Senate up for election should be defeated as conspirators against democracy. Tell the story Clinton told.
Never Forget The Great GOP Betrayal of Barack Obama 1/20/09 | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Congress has "given up on the main thing the Constitution authorizes it to do: pass laws." 
Great that Romney loved Clinton's speech, By inference he acknowledges that the bulk of blame lies with the GOP Congress.
When it is clear to the American people that the GOP was and is the villain the entire game changes. That's what Bill Clinton achieved.
"The question now is not whether Mr. Obama will get a bounce in the polls, but how substantial it will be." 
"Our community evolves by sight and by the sharing of the signs we see" 
RT : Today's NYT story fails to mention Dana Bash's confirmation of Reid charge that Romney paid no taxes.
 Cop impersonation. Nope. Taxes. Nope. Paul Singer. NOPE. The Unfair Liberal Media Ummm
If MTP (Gregory) is as insipid as CBS's controlled Mitt interview was, I hope there is a tsunami of pure disgust at media failure.
Ann Romney joined MTP interview  /Another sign that this was wet kiss journalism of the worst sort.
Every suggestion that Gregory finked out. No mention here of Mitt's taxes - Mitt Romney on MTP 
Influencing media: We got the NYT to editorialize about the 1/20/09 GOP Stop Obama Conspiracy. We still need to get a full investigation.
We helped elect Obama in '08 and to pass Obamacare. We failed in 2010. Today we are 5-1 in Twitter power over Romney and the media know it.
We are not preaching the choir. The choir has the power spread effective words that can influence results.
Why broadcast the Romney truth on Twitter? To influence the MEDIA to be honest about Romney. A 24/7 job. That infuences undecideds.
ElectoralVote Map excluding Rasmussen polls = Obama Win Senate Majority 

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