Union sundown union holocaust binary bumps up against pragmaticism tough love tenure for all people

So stretch your mind perceive reality 
and tell us what will be is what will be
In our post union sad society
with all its rancid growing poverty
What's that I hear the end of binary
O yes there is the top to brush away
The Kochs and  all their kind who would hold sway
polluting every corner of all lands
while double speaking words of liberty
They are the princes of the binary
the we they kings us them one two
They smile as their philanthropy comes through
What's that I hear their world is ending too
On every side the welling multitudes
ill-tuned to yes and no as it descends
in tribal utterance and mindless screeds
ignoring everything this lost world needs
On every side with time about to bend
beyond the the arc of our past histories
 evolving toward the triumph of the threes
When binary serves all like air and drink
it loses its capacity to sink
our world into its worst excrescences
and we can walk into triadic time 
where reason is not spurned
and facts can change
according to experiment
not faith
and wonder is reborn
in tolerance
and history becomes
and progress can survive
as helpfulness
and freedom lives
as non-idolatry
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