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My Open Letter to Jeff Bezos You are missing one key element

Dear Jeff you are a guiding star You think long term and that sets you apart But you are missing one key element That is because it is self evident as plain as noses on our face the very thing we must replace You speak and there is built a huge construct To truck the goods to someone's door Fine Jeff but there's a hitch You need to do just one thing more So listen well and build what is  to come What is to come communities made up  of those who wish to be tolerant and democratic  helpful and non-idolatrous Living in spaces new as Kindles Jeff  and just as well conceived In areas so cheap to buy that you can spend investment building car-free space as city-like as any place evocative of our best past Where people walk from place to place and streets become a child's walk way  with say 100 public squares where one can sit down hassle free and look at all the kiosks there  Jeff if you have read this this far  a kiosk is a shopping bar the future thing beyond most stores With…