Obama will be more aggressive and outgoing in a second term. And other recent tweets 9/15/12 11:43 AM ET

Thirty-second TV ads have their place, but I much prefer investing in people, education and organizing. - Bernie Sanders
Obama will be more aggressive and outgoing in a second term. Product of experience and legacy quest. And he will succeed.
Bill Clinton should give a weekly one hour prime time lecture q and a on the economy now til election.
Bill Clinton Is More Popular Than Ever, Poll Finds /Michelle close second
Romney's MA record is scary. He called taxes fees and sought to soak the disabled.
If Romney says 200K is middle income, then poverty is everywhere. And he is more poison than ever.
Hemming and hawing, Kansas drops birther voter suppression move. Yesterday's smirking of officials on TV was a disgusting tell.
While Obama news seems up and stable, Romney news suggests unpreparedness, difficulties, problems. As if his time draws near.
So is Congress going to kick the can so that nearly ten percent is simply cut from everything? Not with GOP corp welfare suckers howling.
Romney debate problem - attack won't work and he cannot reveal his full plans. Allusion will favor the president and put him in command.
Romney's is a frightening choice in more ways than can be named in a single tweet.
Scott Brown ad falsely claims he is pro-choice and supports equal pay for women. Next he will endorse President Obama.
Scott Walker anti-union law slapped down by judge as unconstitutional.
The most serious charge that can be lodged against Romney and his gang is that they have fanned the flames of thuggery worldwide.
Chevron's anti-Obama agenda is nicely hidden in an ad that seems forward-looking. Might as well come from Karl Rove.
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at Andrews. Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin pandering.
Mitt cannot go back because there is no back for him to go to. He is floating in right wing bile and will drown in it.
Sarah Palin has no principles. Mitt Romney has no principles. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney are peas in a pod.
Obama has never sympathized with attackers of America. That is why he does not sympathize with Mitt Romney.
Surprise at Mitt Romney is ill-founded. He has never grown up from his bully days. He would incite a mob to do in the President if he could.
Martin Bashir just pinned Sarah Palin to the wall of shame.
The President and Secretary were moving in their welcome of dead heroes at Andrews. Just after, I find Mitt pandering away.
John McCain is cowed by a sense of obligation to Romney. It makes him speak like an idiot.
Hate does not speak for us. Hate does not speak for the US government. We condemn it here and everywhere.
Nate calls for high standard for Obama polls. This means we are not out of the woods yet. We must assume nothing and work our butts off.
The LAST thing we need is kneejerk Right Wing neo con response to Arab Spring Two. The response needed requires careful, cool thought.
The MSNBC diss Obama chorus is on with its usual irrelevant memes.
Obama handled the first Arab Spring with consummate smarts and is handling the Second with similar capacity and care.
Correction -The GOP Frank Luntz conspiracy to block everything Obama took place 1/20/09.
In the next 53 days we will face hundreds of millions of dollars worth of right wing attack ads. /Cecil
Support Wayne Powell in Virginia to beat GOP 1/20/09 Conspirator Eric Cantor with some money and commitment on the ground.
If Mitt Romney wins -- $2 billion more for Adelson. /Axe
Get Serious Boycott Koch Products Updated 19 July | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
"The GOP hatched a conspiracy / To make mincemeat of our democracy" 
"For on the very night Obama was our Chief / These GOP betrayers planned OUR grief" 
"Romney was left sputtering in the gutter with the dredges of his party. "  Romney=Palin
"Romney’s craven attack was fundamentally dishonest, riddled with errors ..." 
"Trillions sitting in banks not knowing what will happen Don't blame it on regulations" 
Unreal Birther Madness - "Kansas panel delays ballot decision on Obama" 
Attack ads question Mr. Obama’s clean-energy agenda. /last gasp of the hypocritical short-sighted Koch types
"This year’s campaign on behalf of fossil fuels includes a surge in political contributions to Mitt Romney" 
RT : Prediction. Obama will outraise Romney in September and it will be with small donations - the people rising, awakened.
Free enterprise sits on money afraid to do the one thing that will propel us to the future - build new integral car-free communities.
7 Romney Statements As Idiotic as His Libya Response | Alternet /videos
Trump is supporting Mitt - sure indication Romney is circling the wagons and going hard right Swift Boat from now on.
Welcome new followers. Our aim - Everyone to the polls Defeat Romney Ryan Oust GOP at all levels. Never was a vote more important.
A delay in the PA voter suppression court decision is possible which could kill the legislation for this year.
Don't forget the role of the GOP Congress in making our government come to a standstill. They should lose both Houses as a result.
Schrum has it right on Romney not ready for prime time not fit ti be President - next Mitt's billionaires start to get cold feet.
Hats off to MSNBC for stellar coverage of Mitt's perfidy and of the serious situation resulting from actions of folk in Mitt's base.
Republican Linda McMahon is on pace to spend over $50 million trying to buy a U.S. Senate seat.
Hats off to MSNBC for its coverage of the current US-Arab upheaval.
The nomination of Mitt was an insult to the intelligence of Republicans.
Why is anyone surprised at Mitt when he wrote all his lies in his No Apology book. He reminds me of old right wing codgers I once knew.
Almost pointless to ask Mitt to bare his taxes. That assumes he is qualified to run and few believe that anymore.
The Fraternal Order of Police has refused to endorse Mitt Romney in 2012. /via Kos
A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Democrats with a 49% to 43% lead in the battle for Congress.
Mitt wants to be a multi-conflict president - following the lead of his neo con Bush alumni chorus.
Tolerance is a universal value present, when sought, in all people. It overcomes all idolatry, including worship of hate and violence.
RT : GOP is banking on illegal and immoral voter suppression to deliver PA. The headline realclearpolitics suppressed.
"Our forecast has stabilized a bit, with Mr. Obama holding in the range of about a four-point lead in the popular vote" 
Really awesome? Winning back the House and beating Ryan twice! /Kos 
RT : The deficit would be erased back to Clinton zero level if the GOP would shelve its false ideology.
Bain depicted as unofficial partners in a bid-rigging conspiracy /Romney can't catch a break 
RT : MSM distorts Dem vs. GOP $$ race. Dem donors outnumber GOP 4-1. Media suggests it's an even contest.
Suppression may backfire when thousands of elderly get ID so they can vote for Obamacare.
The only way Romney won the primaries was by bullying and massive outspending. He never cracked 50 percent. Still hasn't.
The more it is clear that only attack ads and voter suppression could steal the election the more Americans will recoil from Romney.
Romney is advised by doctrinaire neocons with birther-type views of Obama as "other". Do not believe he was not advised.
Today was not a Romney gaffe. It was probably a near-death blow to his ill-conceived effort to buy the presidency.
Romney fires and then aims? How about misfires once and then misfires again. Aiming at his foot?
Romney already trotted out a surrogate more tasteless than he is. There is no cleanup that he can do.
Mitt is a boor. W was a boor. Boorishness describes someone whose moral antennae are impaired and who always says the wrong thing.
We need a cool head. When was the last day Mitt did not put his foot in his mouth? His off-the-cuff idiocy is working overtime.
For Romney and Ryan to inject politics into a sober day of grief is showing how far they have sunk in public estimation.
Boehner and Cantor and Ryan were/are soldiers in the GOP Block Obama Conspiracy lying daily in lockstep with Norquist and Luntz.
Romney is rivaling Terry Jones in the opportunism derby of congenital losers. Both men do not deserve a platform.
Terry Jones Should Move to Where He Can Meet Islam Face To Face 

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