Mitt offered off-the-cuff the entire know-nothing version of American reality and other recent tweets. 9/18/12 8:22 AM ET

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Mitt offered off the cuff the entire know nothing version of American reality. 
I am writing a song called Mitt the magic gerbil.
Rachel has put everything in context by reminding us that 75 % of ad money will be anti Obama.
Mitt's comments on the 47% are equal in political devastation to his Dad's saying he was brainwashed by US Generals in Vietnam.
We are witnessing the final ending of a predestined failure to win Afghanistan by force backed with benevolence. It ends very soon.
The sad reality of Mitt's POV is that it sees half the population as incapable of responsibility. Really.
There will be more Mitt skewer-the-poor tapes - further separating him from the confidence of the electorate.
Romney as Empty Suit: Mathematical ineptitude of tax fiscal ideas; lack of environmental concern, no grasp of "the people", no empathy.
Don't feel sorry for Mitt yet. He has tons of money and is praying for an opening and it's not over yet.
Romney has his Flowers moment with these leaked videos. But this is worse. Not a gaffe. A probable deathblow. 
Can Twitter help move the President to a five point advantage? Nate says three point lead may hold. But I think we can do better.
Leaked Videos - Romney Complains To Donors and acts as though he can win with no program.  /Yes thanks!
No conspiracy? In a 1/20/09 four-hour Frank Luntz dinner in DC GOP leaders agreed to completely block Obama. All complied. Refute that.
Paul Ryan was at the 1/20/09 GOP Conspiracy meeting to do in President Obama and now gets a complete pass from the media.
The 1/20/09 GOP Conspiracy of Cantor, Frank Luntz and others to stonewall President Obama is being hidden from view by our craven media.
Mitts five points are not policy proposals or specifics or anything but predictable cliches.
President Obama will most certainly be vindicated on his copious Iran strategy. GOP saber-rattling is predictably shameful.
Mitt Romney and Paul Singer. This relationship has totally eluded the media to their shame. Think international vulture capitalism.
Romney has not landed one punch on the President. But then again neither did McCain.
With continued secrecy and distortions and outright lies, Romney is failing the American people.
RT : Mitt Romney used to impersonate police officers for fun - Detroit liberal |   /...
RT : Welfare has gone to the likes of Trump vastly more than to the poor. Gaming government is the lawyer's cash cow.
One reason President Obama picked Joe Biden was to compensate for his foreign policy inexperience. Romney had no such smarts.
"According to ...Romney’s campaign, he apparently would order a military strike before Iran even acquired a bomb," 
"Mitt Romney spent the last week blowing up his foreign policy credentials to be president"  /Nick Kristof NYT
If the GOP survives it will be because a leader emerges to expose the demonic parody of politics it is today.
It is the GOP that is committing massive voter fraud. Do not be deceived. The GOP will trade democracy for victory.
Terry Jones Should Move to Where He Can Face Islam Face To Face | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Tammy Baldwin for Senate -- Official Campaign Website | Contribute Today 
Romney is apparently trying to make political hay on China in Ohio, Not a very good issue for out-sourcer Mitt.
Mitt misses lone Sunday CO event flies back to Boston flies to LA Mon 4 1 speech & 1 fund raiser. Maybe the plane will vote for him?
Ben Stein says the media line up at the Obama Ministry of Truth. Would that be Stephanie who deftly fields the flood of Romney lies?
Only loophole Mitt has ever closed is around the bag where his taxes are concealed.
This century will see terminal oil crisis. It can either be planned for or not. I am for banking on it and planning well.
My entire notion of the future involves making commuting unnecessary. That is simple common sense. And it will happen.
Neocons believe in American global sovereignty and extending Big Oil domination and in frustrating any effort to move beyond it.
The prospect of hapless neo-cons ruling the roost and Cheney-izing us even more than now is unthinkable.
"Before he played ventriloquist to Ryan, Senor did the same for Romney" 
"Senor is emblematic of how much trouble America blundered into in the Middle East — trillions wasted, so many lives a…
"Now the [neocons] have captured another would-be Republican president and vice president"  - Down NYT
"After 9/11, the neocons captured one Republican president who was na├»ve about the world." 
You know what’s at stake in this election. Don’t leave one vote on the table. - Kailey Gallegos
After four years of total conspired GOP obstruction, Americans are ready for a sane Democratic return to fairness to all.
Will the GOP go bi-partisan? Not without publicly repenting the Frank Luntz Block Obama at Every Turn Conspiracy of 1/20/09.
Nate - "Mr. Obama’s Electoral College chances held steady ... because of a strong poll for him in Pennsylvania." 
RT  I just read 's tweet that MI voters are being refused ballots EVEN AFTER they've met their various po...
RT : Not sure if the Romney camp realizes what a huge opening they've just created for Ds on Obamacare
GOP Sen. Scott Brown is refusing to take down a shocking, completely false ad claiming he's pro-choice and pro-equal pay. - Amy K. Dacey
Romney's ill-timing of incendiary comments is widely viewed as damning evidence that he's not qualified to be President.
Five Guys Took A Boy Band Anthem And Created One Of The Best Romney Parodies, Hands Down 
RT : Since 2001, there have been more domestic terrorist attacks by right-wing extremists (8) than jihadists (4) http://buff.…
The top five reasons why Mitt Romney won’t release more tax returns — Barack Obama  /devastating video
"“Romney’s never stood up to China,” the narrator says. “All he’s done is send them our jobs.”" 
"Both the Obama campaign — and the Chinese government — called Romney’s attacks misleading on Friday." 
"Would you really want a man in the White House who honestly believes he can become a god?" 
"Today, the LDS church is probably the richest church – per capita – in the world." 

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