White Paper: Suburban Sprawl Screeches to a Halt | Multi-Housing News Online

White Paper: Suburban Sprawl Screeches to a Halt | Multi-Housing News Online: "We have entered a new era of urbanization, where undoing the damage of sprawl has become the greatest urban challenge of the 21st Century. Throughout the 20th Century suburban sprawl was a way of life. Today, our suburban communities have become cumbersome to navigate and their infrastructure costly to maintain. Low density development will continue to destroy our natural areas by paving and developing greater swaths of land, increasing air and water pollution, escalating our infrastructure costs and degrading our quality of life."

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Freedom consists in uncontrolled variety - Charles Sanders Peirce

Diversity is as primitive as law
Freedom consists in uncontrolled variety
in freshness spontaneity
originality and novelty
This aspect of reality is (also) destiny

CSP 1.162 1.302 1.357 in Feibleman 1969 pp 189-190


Charles Sanders Peirce - Observed facts do not, in themselves, 
contain any practical knowledge | 
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Jesus Romney Obama Continuity Early Morning Tweets - All - 8:04 AM ET 9/19/12

That Jesus may have been married makes sense because most men marry | ShortFormContent at Blogger 

47 percent: A look at who Mitt Romney is writing off.
"Romney may have given up on half of America and on Mideast peace."  /M. Dowd
"Oh, for the days when we thought Mitt Romney didn’t stand for anything."  /M. Dowd

: "Mr. Romney’s empty promises to magically turn around the economy are losing effectiveness." 
"Peirce assumed that we progress by thinking in threesnot in dualistic and binary ways  " 
"Peirce understood that history moves forwardand that continuity is a working premise" 
Continuity is full of scientific beauty and truth - Charles Sanders Peirce | ShortFormContent at Blogger 
Government for Romney is the portion of all government that seeks to level the playing field. The rest is his cash cow.

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Entitlement is what corporate lawyers secure for their wealthy clients. Synonym - create loopholes. Aim - game government.

Romney is the redistributionist who would transfer more and more wealth to the top where he and his buddies live.
Rience Priebus is a transparent sign of GOP bankruptcy - all they have is their hate of the President.
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ABBA SPEAKS to A Fearing World

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