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We Democrats dont just need majorities. We need a GOP attitude adjustment

It's not too soon to think about how we Democrats  intend to change things when we win We will have a hard time in the Senate Will we change the rules and eliminate the current 60 vote  rule If we do we will risk being in a pickle the next time we lose I think the President is going for a GOP attitude adjustment If it takes place I can see a contest for GOP leader and the ouster of the horrendous GOP conspirator McConnell McConnell has already pledged further non-cooperation If the voters do not effect the adjustment it will be up to the Democrats The resolution must be in favor of  getting the Obama program through We need to start thinking now
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Metaphysics ought to be founded on logic - Charles Sanders Peirce

Logic cannot be founded upon metaphysics A metaphysics not founded on the science of logic is of all branches of scientific inquiry the most shaky and insecure ...
Peirce in Feibleman 1969 82 These brief parsings are meant to stand alone as what they aretexts MIT says it has no plans to republish Feibleman more's the pity
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Logic rests upon fact

Logic need not regress to an indemonstrable premiss Thus did Descartes get lost Reason cannot challenge its own pronouncements Logic rests upon fact The thought of Charles Sanders Peirce in Feibleman 1969 82 MORE In all reasoning there is a more or less conscious  reference to a general method's Remarkable Kindle Store