Logic is not about how we think but about how we ought to think

A computer requires no psychology to arrive at a logical conclusion
Neither do we
Logic is not about thinking
but about what thinking presents to the mind

Drawn from Feibleman on Charles Sanders Peirce 1969 83


Logic arises from the temporal circumstances of thinking - Charles Sanders Peirce | ShortFormContent at Blogger http://buff.ly/Q5kSCf 

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With Barack Obama we face reality With George W. Bush we did not

Reality is paying your debts
Reagan and George W. Bush raised the debt 
Barack Obama has done his best to reduce it
Reality is recognizing a dumb war
and not paying for war on a credit card
and recognizing the painful cost of war
by giving priority to the needs of those who return
George W. Bush
engaged in dumb wars
paid on a credit card
hid the image of pain and death from Americans
and now his party the GOP has
spit in the face of all veterans
by failing to pass the President's jobs bill 
Reality is the gold standard of logic
It is arriving at a correct and true conclusion
The capacity to see reality and deal with it 
is the highest virtue a President can possess 
The craziness of  the present season
can be explained by pointing to the unreal
premises of virtually everything
the GOP says
Lies they are
and the most recent the father of those lies
is George W. Bush
But they are also
contradictions of reality
and ultimately reality proves out
When it does we win
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