Three reasons why Mitt Romney Should Release His Pre-2010 Tax Returns


People will legitimately wonder if there were years when he paid no taxes

During his Bain years he associated with vulture capitalist Paul Singer 
and invested in debt that squeezed residents of third world countries

His release of only two years of taxes brackets him with loser John McCain
another person who was deemed out of tough with ordinary folk

There are many more reasons
The issue is not going away

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The Kochs threaten our democracy in three lethal ways

The Kochs are making transparent criminal efforts to suppress our votes

The Kochs made their fortune creating global a sprawl economy
whose dependence on oil 
endangers us all

The Kochs have direct ties to persons pledged 
to serve all Americans 
They have colluded with them via financial support 
to rescind this obligation to all 
in order to serve 
the limited and self-interested  agenda of the Kochs

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Logic is not founded upon philology - Charles Sanders Peirce

To change language does not mean to change logic
Nor does logic depend upon certain psychological
necessities and tendencies
Logic need not be founded on a group of similar languages
There is no standard form for the expression of logical conclusions

These texts are drawn from Feibleman's comprehensive 
parsing of Peirce MIT 1969 Page 84
In some cases they include inferences aimed
at underlining or clarifying
In any case they stand alone as signs in themselves
and make no pretense of interpreting or representing


The logician need not decide if there is such a thing as reality

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Consciousness Can Be Measured

The Slow as Molasses Press