Why healing is both a scientific wonder and a personal ability most deny

No one should deny that life is enhanced by science
Those who do have never survived because of an operation
or the work of skilled professionals
But it is time to explain the simple means by which
you and I can often heal ourselves
Such healing is is scientific too because it happens in reality
There is a truth about us most deny
By any name 
Abba or Reality or Whoever
the power is within us to heal ourselves
It is done very simply
You acknowledge this power
You accept it as a friend with whom you can converse
You attribute to this power the capacity to heal and mend
You direct this power in some visual sense or symbol
to the precise area you need to heal or mend
If it is meant to be 
you are healed
I regard this communion as a part of a necessary daily regimen
I do this as a post-religionist
who rejects all creeds
I do this as one who believes
all can live a spiritual life based on ontological values 
These values tolerance and helpfulness
democracy and non-idolatry
are the basis for a philosophy of life which
is utterly revolutionary 
and completely in accord with what can be inferred
from Jesus as found in the earliest canonical gospel - Mark
Jesus led an iconoclastic existence
His capital crime was suggesting we can heal ourselves
He was and is right
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