How Obama Could Have Destroyed Romney in Debate One

I wrote this before the debate that the President lost
It remains relevant
It is not too late
I have gone through a series of exercises that
convince me that Romney will go down in flames 
in Denver tonight
Here are some ways this is likely
He will be asked about his cop impersonation or bullying
and self destruct
He will be asked about his relationship with Paul Singer or others
and self destruct
He will be faced with his offshore accounts and other deals
and self destruct
He will be confronted with his
ways to harass women and the middle class and self destruct
He will be confronted with his
move hard right and self destruct
He will be confronted with his
views on SCOTUS and self destruct
He will be confronted with his
out-sized IRA and self-destruct
He will be seized with a sudden sense of his
actual reality and self destruct
He will be confronted with his
Neo-Con Bush associations and self-destruct
To self-destruct is to lose it in front of the nation
with the result that there is not one remaining chance 
that he will win the election
I believe these and other inevitable 
questions which Mitt Romney cannot answer 
are reasons for contradicting the pundits
and guessing that
Mitt will self-destruct in Denver tonight
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Karl Rove is doomed to fail this time around taking all the millions with him down the drain

I could be wrong but I am banking on
the fact that Romney's failure to date cannot be reversed 
and that Americans are sick of the GOP Congress
If these two suggestions are accurate
the contention of this post is true
Contributing to the Obama effort
is highly recommended

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There is a step beyond all religions as the world embraces universal spirituality

Pragmaticism was Charles Sanders Peirce's term
for his evolved philosophy
It was pragmatism with a step into reality
which Peirce understood to be evolving
Continuity was Peirce's keyword for the way reality expresses itself
We move forward inexorably in chronological time
My argument is that Peirce brought us to the threshold of the cyber-era 
We are first generation
all of us young or old
The cyber era is based on the discovery within ourselves
of values that can be inferred 
as provable in practice
I submit the following candidates
These are the practical practiced values that make
progress out of continuity  
It is to the recognition of these values
and their practice that pragmaticism leads

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If divinity is universal then values are as well - the proof is in the practice

We live in an age that is dawning
When we will see that values are universal
and ontological
and provable in practice
Tolerance can be willed and practiced
Helpfulness can be willed and practiced
Democracy can be willed and practiced
Non-idolatry can be embraced as the foundation value
Virtues and characteristics
are not values 
because they lack universality
and presence in all people
The values named above
define what it is to be human
and are demonstrated in practice
more or less
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Consciousness Can Be Measured

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