Today we are constructing universal meanings from traditions and moving past their intolerance to diversity

Universality is the cradle of diversity
Universality limits the continuity of traditions
Yet the very specificity of traditions are the source of universal truths
Moving forward today requires that we extract from tradition 
things useful to our continuation as a universal people
We are all nomads of this universe
The Tao of Mark is now a short and precious Kindle Book
It seeks for the first time I think
to take the incredible and specific text of Mark
and run it through the colander of the Tao
yet another tradition whose continuing relevance
requires recapturing
Mark is universal so too the Jesus whose story Mark recounts
But to understand and universalize this story
we must free it gently but firmly
from its institutional captivity 
and re-apprise it as a charter of values
an iconoclastic criticism of religion
a charter of inclusion
The portion of this blog that deals with the Way of Abba
my term for a universal spirituality
seeks to plumb what will remain 
as we undergo
the death throes of religion
in specific creedal forms
The image  above contains the first words of
the Tao of Mark
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