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The Romney Docket - Make Up Your Own Mind Cap Tip Paula S.

Is Mitt Romney Mentally Ill?: "Perhaps Romney’s greatest crime is purporting to be a Christian to appeal to the religious right. The crazy Mormon foundations and beliefs notwithstanding, would a Christian lie as a matter of course, promote pre-emptive war, cut funding for children, seniors, and Veterans in the pursuit of greater tax cuts for himself? Willard Romney has given every indication under the Sun that he harbors sociopathic tendencies on a variety of levels, and as such, is not qualified or trustworthy to run for the presidency much less win the election. Any reasonable human being is revolted by a pathological liar, narcissist, and entitled charlatan, so it is curious why any American other than Mrs. Willard thinks he is qualified to be president. It is true that a president has to be something more than normal to handle the Herculean job of leading America, but the idea of more than normal does not mean abnormal, and certainly not a self-entitled narcissist displaying …

Romney is unfair to all who lack wealth stealing our money and robbing our health #romneyfail

It is established that Romney is unfair His own tax attitude is proof enough But his proposals as much as we can discern combined with his history of turning Massachusetts into Taxachusetts and his pledge to scuttle health reform justify the accusatory lines above Vote for Obama to be saved from a certain fate
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Romney is Risk Obama Is Sanity Homestretch Signs #romneyfail

Can you picture a White House montage with Sean Hannity gushing about the wondrous democracy that has been restored to us after its triumph in the Bought Election of 2012 If that picture nauseates you vote for Obama Your health is at issue
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