Car Free Cities A Graphic with A Homily on The Subject

Rewritten 10.17.12

Car Free City A Graphic
This graphic is meant to be seen from above
From a distance
I see it as a car free city
In the center a great open space
A variety of structures
sweep out diagonally and at right angles
Short blocks 20 to the mile
I see prefabrication becoming
so advanced it is an industry 
that exceeds the auto industry in heft
A new wave of manufacturing
Smart surfaces 
Walls like monitors
If  this is real
and reality is what happens according to the
democratic selection of values 
Then  car free cities will be built
Car free cities will not perpetuate the oil slavery of the present
with its limping economy
Car free cities  will be voluntary  
Tolerance of others will be their sign
not the intolerance and stratification of sprawl
Helpfulness and proximitywill rule
Everything needed for living will be nearby
Local economies will flourish
Democracy is continually realized actualization 
an ontological value within all persons
Car free cities are the wave of the global future

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