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The Tao of John 1

Wisdom and word and God are One And from this all that is has come The Seer was presaged by John And is a light to everyone + The Tao of John 1 is the first in a series of verses drawn sequentially from the Gospel of John The Tao of John will become a Kindle Book devoted to the project of universalizing texts that inhabit traditions  now giving way to a wider view of things and a growing emphasis on tolerance and seeing life as lived in the immanent frame + Other books in this series includeThe New Tao Te Ching andThe Tao of Mark These and other Kindle books  can be accessed at the link below
Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Night Falls on the City - Digital Graphic

I see cities of the future as de-sprawled Back to the future Unique to their space on this terrestial ball Undreamed of structures but indebted to such principles as nothing taller than four levels density of 10K more or less car free within the city walkable everything needed for life within a mile including education recreation health work and residence + The city above is seen from ... above  +Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store