Celebrating the collapse of ethics and moral discourse in our transitional time is not a sin

Celebrating the collapse of ethics and moral discourse in our transitional time is not a sin
Ethics whether derived from philosophy or religion is ill-founded and impotent and that's OK
Priestly ethics derived from religious traditions have scant sway now and that's OK
Assertions of moral authority based on Christianaity or any other authority 
have little power now and that's OK
The 19th and 20th century were about deconstructing  the 
hypocritical and philosophically-erroneous 
foundations of  past ethics and morality
Ethics and morality are sub-categories of the foundation
of goodness which is located in the choice of values
Choosing values is what all people do
every minute of their lives
This has rarely been considered by those who
have written of ethics and morality
It is the fruit of the thought of thinkers such as
Peirce, Neitzsche and Assagioli
The theory which I have arrived over a lifetime is outlined in the following little work\
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Whatever Mitt is for means rolling backward down the Sysiphean hill

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Mitt Romney Cop Impersonator & Other Observations

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The reality is that virtually all of Mitt Romney's promises
involve strategies and positions that
echo exactly what we sought to escape
when we elected Barack Obama
The last four years have
represented a struggle to
create a new way forward 
that will not land us in the mess created by George Bush
But all indications suggest Romney=Bush
That he will be the willing executor
of whatever hoary objectives
the right-moving GOP decrees
Obama has shown that he can govern
and keep us safe
in the face of GOP disloyalty
and criminality
Romney promises no such capacities
Faced with a nightmare
Choose the President 
and work to see that others do as  well

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