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More Stacked Images in quest of Peirce's semeiotic

Continuing a highly experimental  guessing at three elaborations of Charles Sanders Peirce's semeiotic AKA logic AKA the truth derived from signs 
Top FirstSpeculative Grammar (the study and organization of signs)
SecondCritical Logic (examination of signs in terms of truth or veracity)
ThirdSpeculative Rhetoric (Method, Methodeutic) (the communication of findings rising from  the application of logic to selected signs)
The images suggest to me 1.  a sense of the place from whence all signs arise 2. the collision between signs and critical analysis  and 3. a hypothetical notion of how the results might be organized along with any applications rising from the process
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A one page primer related to Abba's way

Each person's way is self-constructed as is each person's life So this is simply one person's rule and not the whole by any means The practice varies and is revealed to be superficial and incomplete as chronology unfolds new wrinkles What works is the underlying reality of Abba as one with whom one can converse and on whom one can depend   Beyond that lies a misty freedom at the penumbra's edge where intimations of full unity exist

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What is truth Pilate asked which means he could not see

Seeing and hearing is the essence of the prophetic challenge It is echoed in Scripture from first Isaiah to Paul with a stop at Jesus on the way Anyone with a mind now sees the unfolding drama of the end of oil Chevron tries to ameliorate it with soft short term profit words but when whatever end to oil comes it will have been reasonable to stop using it long before we did and to begin building the post-oil world made manifest on the very pages of this blog car free integral and a quarter revolution beyond binary silliness
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Thinking in Threes Experiment Stacking Images

All the universe is perfused with signs, said Charles Sanders Peirce Today I woke with the strong impulse to stack images I succeeded using IfanView Now I can begin to think using threes Top First- - Sign Second  - Object Third - Interpretant I see this as the vagueness followed by an unattainable specific followed by the effort to bring these two into some form as yet in process Do I know what I am doing No But I know that beyond knowledge there is guessing and that is what this is aboutStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store